Monday, October 24, 2016

Been spinning and weaving

One of the things that I did earlier this year is beta testing of TempoTreadle on my Macomber Loom.  I have never had the desire to have a computer control my looms.  I like working with computers, and I like messing around with looms, but have no desire to interface to two.  Yet, I really would like to have less treadling and threading errors in my weaving life.....not something to run the loom, just something to double check my work.  That's exactly what TempoTreadle does.

Here is the first project completed once we had the latest verision of TempoTreadle installed and running:

The design is from the fall 2014 issue of Handwoven magazine, titled Cornucopia Placemats.  There are 1035 picks in each placemat.  There are 4 placemats with no treadling errors in an overshot pattern.  I call that success.  Since the color patterning is in the ground cloth, I programmed the TT to let me know when it was time to change colors.  Perfect!

The TempoTreadle also helps with threading by displaying 5 threads at a time while you are threading.  There is a feature to help with tying up the loom.  And if you establish your beat, you can use the TT to help square your overshot pattern.

I've also recently finished this stole:

The warp is handspun alpaca and the weft is Halcyon's 2/12 silk.  I used the TempoTreadle for this 8 harness point twill variation too.  I love the hand of's very drapey and will be very warm.

Obviously, blogging has not been at the top of my to do list over this past year.  But I am still making and creating.  So I guess I'll post about what's been completed every now and then.
Thanks for looking in....