Thursday, July 07, 2016

Wild things

Last post I promised a report on some of the things going on in the natural world around us. On Father's Day we had a "Teddy Bear's Picnic":

This is the second bear to show up while I was inside cooking dinner and dh was having a little refreshment  outside.  It was 90 degrees outside and she looked as suprised to see us as we were to see her.  Apparently it was too hot to run away (as the previous bear did) so she just sat down (2nd photo) and stared back at us while we were looking at her from the cabin door.  Eventually she got up and walked back into the woods.  I would have preferred that she was less curious and more scared.

So an hour later, after dinner, we were sitting outside enjoying the evening and heard some rustling around behind the woodshed.  Dh and I looked at one another and:
She just walked right past us.....
and strolled on out the drive.

We suspected that there were bears up at the cabin, so we've been very careful to not have food outside anywhere around the cabin.  Needless to say, we will be even more careful now.

Meanwhile in suburbia, I am back to buying parsley for a couple weeks:

This is the caterpillar stage for the black swallowtail butterfly.  Every year they come and denude my parsley during the last couple weeks of June.  I used to think they were tomato worms and picked them off.  Then I searched on Professor Google a couple years ago and learned their true identity. I've since learned that if I leave them and the parsley alone, in about two weeks they are gone, the parsley recovers, and Kroger sells a couple of extra bunches of parsley to me.  Of course, I never know whether they complete their metamorphosis or if the the many birds around here make a feast of them.  Perhaps I should set up a nursery/incubator next year as the linked article suggests.

And those caterpillars have not been the only ones spinning up some cocoons:

This is some yak/silk that was a birthday gift.  There's a bout 1000 yds of yarn from the 4 oz. of top.  The plan is to weave with it, but not before I spin a bunch of other yak/silk I've received as gifts.

And the spindles have been busy too:

Both cops are cormo, the white was spun on my Jenkin's Aegean spindle and the brown was spun on the Kuchulu.  Don't they look like a hot fudge sundae?

Next up:  books.....