Monday, June 27, 2016


In follow up to my last post, I am proud to announce that we raised ~$7,500 at the wine tasting/silent auction.  Our goal was to raise $3, success.  That project has been wrapped up, the money sent to the three charities, and the acknowledgements from the charities have begun to arrive.

And since it has been so long, here's some evidence that I still weave and spin:

Samples that I wove for a guild program (sorry, they look a bit like laundry hanging, but it's that or nothing right now for photo's)

(As always, click for bigger.  The two close ups are of the last warp segment described below....I guess I like that one best.)

Out study topic this cycle is "The Intersection of Color and Weave Structure".  The concept for these samples was to thread 5 segments in the same Crackle threading.   The warp was divided into 5 segments:

  • two complementary colors alternating in the warp.
  • two contrasting values alternating in the warp (red & gold)
  • three colors, think kindergaren primaries, cycling through the warp.
  • two yarns of the same hue but different value (golds)
  • four yarns of similar value, but different hues cycling through the warp threading.
I then wove them with one color for the weft, cycling through most every color I had on hand in the correct size range.  The yarns are all 20/2 cotton or 20/2 rayon.  I did not mix cotton and rayon in the color groupings. 

Four different gamps were woven, each with a different treadling.  I did change the tie-up once.

It was an interesting experiment and it's fun to pull down the samplers and pick out areas that I like and ones that I don't like.  And there is a big difference in looking at them close up vs. across the room.  Now to design a project based on what I learned.....

After that our guild had Bobby Irwin come for a workshop on iridescence.  Here's my gamp for that:
Each of us received three yarns in an analogous colorway, then wove them in plain weave with two different variations of the full color spectrum.  Some in the workshop had enough warp left over to weave a twill gamp, but I came up short.

So, it's been a colorful year so far.

Later I will post some pictures of what's been going on in the natural world around us, and a book posting is way overdue!

Happy summer!