Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Changing Wine to Water: a shameless plug

"What happened to the blog?" is a question I've gotten from a few people lately.  Yesterday, Theresa left me a comment which has prompted me to tell you about this most recent thing occupying my time.
You can read the details here, or buy tickets or donate here.

If you live in the US, I'm sure you've heard about the Flint Water Crisis.  The immediate response of many charitable organizations has been to give bottled water and water filters to the residents of Flint.  In fact, we did that.....during January & February, our church coordinated the delivery of about $5,000 of water.  But the reality is this:  Bottled water is a short term solution to a devastating, long term problem.

The caustic water that was flowing through the pipes of older buildings has caused permanent damage to the plumbing.  Now, if you are planning on re-plumbing an older building, it is likely that asbestos remediation is going to be needed...... and if you are talking about a building like a church, or a church related school, there is not likely to be much public funding to get this done...
You see where this is going....on...and on...and on....

One of the churches that we have been working with since before the water crisis is in a blighted neighborhood and provides much needed community service to the residents who often do not have transportation.....they do things like this.  So this Food Bank, Clothing Bank, and Outreach Center is being run from a church that just celebrated its 100th anniversary (in other words, not a new building)

The other recipient of this charity event is a Lutheran school in Flint which has been operating with bottled water this school year.  Bottled water: for drinking, in the cafeteria, for washing hands, washing dishes.....in a first world country.

And the third recipient for our fund raiser is The Flint Child Health & Development Fund which has been covered nationally (or you can read about it at the link).

So...somehow, I became the event coordinator for this fund raiser.  It's not the sort of thing that I consider to be within my skill set, but the idea needed to be realized.
Fortunately, many people.....people who know what they are doing  and are enthusiastic, have stepped up and volunteered to help, otherwise I would be floundering.   If you would like to be part of this "reverse miracle" I'll give you the link again....click here