Thursday, April 16, 2015


Last week I spent a lot of time winding this warp:
I was taking the cookbook approach to weaving and pretty much copied the Conservatory pattern from Kelly Marshall's book Custom Woven Interiors

This was the first Rep weave project I've done on my own, even though I've been weaving since 1980.  Until I got my Macomber Loom, I didn't have a loom that would hold enough tension to do Rep Weave.  Then last year I took Rosalie Nielson's workshop on designing for Rep weave. 

Last week the time was right:  I had the yarn, I have the loom, I had Kelly Marshall's "recipe", I had  Rosalie Nielson's instructions, and since spring is dragging it's feet I had the time!  All systems GO!

Winding a warp with so many colors at 48 epi on a warping board is not for the faint of heart, but it can be block at a time.  It did inspire me to download images for building a warping reel from Edward Worst's instructions for a project for hubby. (It's page 11 of this document...thank you!)

Dressing the loom produced all the usual glitches...threading errrors, repair heddles to fix those errors, sleying errors.  The only error I didn't make was a crossed warp...oh, and the tension stayed even through out the weaving.  (By that sentence you know that the warp is off the weaver says those things until it's all over.)

On to the relaxing part: throwing the shuttle and swinging the beater.
I slept really well last week, after weaving a couple hours every day.

This morning I set the table:
Can you tell I'm really happy with the outcome? 

It usually takes me awhile to like a finished project but not this time.  The only problem is that I did not pay attention to the weft directions in the book.  I had it in my head that the thick weft was used doubled, and the book calls for it to be used as single strand.  As a result, the placemats are about 22" long....kind of long for placemats.  But hey, we like to spread out around here.

Now I'm dragging out all of my yarns, notebooks, and graph paper with an eye to another Rep project. 

May all your projects make you happy!


  1. Oh, how beautiful!

  2. Wow Valerie, just WOW! I have wanted to try rep weave, just haven't gotten the gumption up to go there yet. Your beautiful mats is certainly a little kick in the butt. After all, I have the loom, I am sure I could pick up the book and yarns.....
    Must investigate, but be sure I'll be back to drool over your lovely weaving a lot.

  3. Oh those are fabulous. I love setting the table with my placemats but in the craft market I've learned they're not an easy sell. More and more people eat in front of the television :(

    I am throwing in the towel and am buying a warping mill. It's been on my mind for the past month - long warps just kill my back. A guild member has a second one for sale. Lucky me!!

  4. Wow!! I'd be happy too!

  5. They are lovely . . . I'm getting ready to wind and warp my Macomber with one of Kelley's rugs ... I may now try the placemats as a starter . . . the rug looks daunting!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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