Friday, October 17, 2014

Challenging times....

Sorry for the long radio silence.  The times have been challenging around here and not likely to change very soon.  2014 is not likely to go down as one of my favorite years.

Anyway, there has been knitting:

A baby sweater for a new grand-niece.  The pattern is Beribboned Eyelets by Rowena Hill. 

I keep saying that I'm done knitting for the grand nieces and nephews...and then I do it again.  The reality is this:  All of the child rearing guidelines have gotten so crazy that I don't know if buttons on a cardigan are appreciated.  Or if eyelets on a sweater precludes the use of said sweater.  Or even if a hand knit item is appreciated.  They are all geographically scattered so I don't see them in use and photo's have not been sent.  So this may be the last one.
Until the next time.

And a quick hat:

For a friend who was startlingly diagnosed with a brain tumor, reminding us all again that life can turn on a dime.  Fortunately her surgery went well and she reports that she is making progress daily.  She requested red and not wool.  So you can see that it is RED.  The pattern is Double Double Cloche and I promptly drove through Tim Horton's after I popped it in the mail.  But I drink it double doubles for me.

There has been weaving as well, but no photo's.  Save that for another day.

I'll leave you with some Pure Michigan Autumn:

The next to last one reminds me of several Robert Frost poems......