Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Late start....

This is why I have been procrastinating about getting to the plant nursery this year:

That's the trunk of my car....all filled up.  I just needed a couple of things to fill in some bare spots.  But apparently I have no self control when I start picking out companion plantings.  I really did contemplate not doing anything at all this year....just sit back and rest on my laurels (well, perennials...laurel doesn't grow in Michigan.)

It didn't help when the lady at the counter said, "You know it would be cheaper if you just got one more tray to finish a flat.  And if you get one more 4" pot it will only cost you a dollar because they are 5 for..."  Oh, and of course she said, "Wow you are going to have beautiful garden!"  Yeah, well rabbits and deer notwithstanding.

To be fair, most of the stuff on the left hand side are culinary herbs.  And I did my own bit of enabling there.  While picking out my herbs, there was a gentleman in a sport coat (probably on his lunch hour) picking out tubs of basil, mint, and parsley.  Then he started eyeing what I was picking I said to him,  "You can't buy all of those culinary herbs and not take home some of this French thyme.  Here...smell it."  Ha...he bought four 4" pots. 

Today was what the Scots would call a "soft day" so I sat all of this on the patio to soak up the rain.  I'm hoping for fair weather tomorrow to get all this stuff either in the ground or in the pots intended for them. 
Shhhh....Don't tell the deer...or the rabbits....

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  1. But judging by that colorful assortment, certainly worth the wait. Happy planting!!!


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