Monday, May 19, 2014

A Woman With A Colorful Past....

I've always liked that phrase.  But it's not one that applies to past is pretty beige.  But I do have a colorful present:

A finished pair of colorful socks knit from Regia BlitzColor.  There isn't really a bulge in my seems to be an optical effect of the stripes at that angle.  Sock selfies are hard to do.

And here's a rainbow of color in the Antarktis shawl pattern:

The yarn is Shoppel-Wolle Lace Ball and only used half of the ball.  I will most likely wear it like this:

There has also been some colorful spinning:
 This is ~1100 yds. for 5.5 oz. of 2 ply lace weight yarn spun from 50/50 merino tencel roving dyed by Yarn Hollow in the Sun Salutations colorway.  My intention is to use this for weaving.
As I was assembling this stuff, I noticed that orange keeps popping up in my projects in the last little while.  Don't know what that's about.

While I was wet finishing the above skein, I was reminded of two other hanks of handspun that were less that inspiring in their colors.  No before pictures, but here they are after a trip through the dyepots:
 The skein on the left is about 2.5 oz & ~650 yds of merino wool that started out as a motlled mishmash of colors that read as drab brown from a distance.  It went through a "tangerine" dyebath and came out okay. 

The skein on the right started out as a mottled sage green and is ~1000 yds. @ 3.5 oz., also merino wool.  It went through a "marine blue" dye bath. 

Again, these skeins will probably be incorporated into weaving.

So ....that's my colorful recent past!


  1. Beautiful! All of it. If this is your colorful recent past, I can hardly wait for the checkered version! :)

  2. This is a cheerful and eye-popping post! Love the yarns, and that shawl? poifeck!


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