Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Showers bring.....

New rain boots!
And they are flowery too! Now I am all set for mud season.  But they aren't much help when it comes to treadling the loom.

There has been weaving.  During our last big snow storm, about a month ago, I decided to put on an all white warp as a flag of surrender to the unending winter.  It came off the loom looking like this:

 But after wet finishing it looked like this:
And there was another tie-up the wove up like this:
another view:

So the white warp seems to have worked because we have temperatures in the 70's today.  However, tomorrow's forecast calls for 1-3" of snow.

My response to that news is this:

It's a prayer shawl knitted, pattern used was Hamako and the yarn is Red Heart in red.  The pattern came out very well, but I will never use Red Heart was murder on my hands.

And those are the latest fiber happenings here at Fiberewetopia....


  1. Oh wonderful white weaving. I've seen that one of the Vav magazines although no doubt a variation is available in any places. Sure is pretty though! Love the boots and the prayer shawl!

  2. Love the prayer shawl! Sorry about the hands :(

    Looks like the white warp was more than 4 shafts? It's really stunning though!

  3. Valerie, it's fun to see that lovely scarf before wet-finishing! I want to do one, though I'm thinking of playing with color to create a little iridescence.
    Love your flowery boots! I treated myself to Wellies a couple of years ago and absolutely love them.
    So sorry about the predicted snow.

  4. Oh my! The white weaving is wonderful!! Gorgeous!

    Here is to wishing your new rain boots will serve you well this mud season!!

    Woke up to 2 inches of a wet spring snow this morning!

  5. Very nice…I am still working on the scarf from the workshop which should be done soon.


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