Monday, March 17, 2014

Silent But Not Idle.....

The fabric from the last post is off the loom and I thought you might like to see them.

This is the fabric from the first draft in the last post:

This has large plain weave blocks alternating with the pattern blocks.  It was a PITA to weave.  I should have known better about the selvedges.  But I couldn't have anticipated that the 12th shaft would want to float, making for long warp floats on the back of the fabric.  So I learned.

This is the next draft, where the tie-up was changed to make the plain weave blocks the same size as the small blocks:
The weaving on this went a little better.  I was intrigued with the different textures in the various blocks.  The plain weave alternating with the pattern weave at the selvedges still created a bit of a problem, but not as much as the first draft.

Back under the loom to change the tie-up again and we create the third, and my favorite fabric:
Yay! Texture all over, decent selvedges and a clear shed on every shot.  Who could ask for more?!

Here's the stack of sample kitchen towels from this warp:
I wove two of the last fabric.  The all over texture will be nice and absorbent in wiping up in the kitchen.

And there has been knitting:
A double thickness, reversible had for dh, who has been blowing snow all winter....90+ inches in one location and 70+ inches in another.  The first photo is the most accurate in color.  There is no blue in the hat.  What reads as blue in the bottom two photo's is a deep spruce green.  The yarn is Cascade Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn.  The hat used up almost all of the skein.

And there are new socks in the making:
Those colors are true.  The yarn is Regia Blitz color.  They are the antidote to all of this:

At the end of my last post on Feb. 22, I asked how many more polar vortices there could be?  The answer so far is 3.

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  1. I love your antidote to the weather! Nice to rest your eyes on some good color, eh?

    Your finished towels boggle my mind! They are so full of texture and pattern! Amazing! And so beautiful!


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