Sunday, September 08, 2013

The princess and the pea or....

 How I finally got a good night's sleep.

For the past 5-6 years we have been in the market for a new mattress.  I am very picky about mattress for a number of reasons.....both professional and personal which I won't go into here.  I also have a lot of experience with various types of foams and postural support in my professional background.  So it's pretty easy for me to spot when a mattress salesperson is just that...a sales person who doesn't know diddly about the product, only the amount of commission they will make.

First there were a lot of conversations with people who had recently acquired mattresses.  Not many of them were happy.  And there was one memorable exchange with my dental hygienist that had tears streaming down both of our cheeks as we laughed hysterically.

My next approach was to pay attention to the mattresses we slept on in motels when we traveled.  Every stop, I ripped off the sheets before we left and made notes about the mattress we slept on.  Around the same time I started doing this, manufacturers started working with hotel chains to feature their mattresses.

So we did get to sleep on the glorified air mattress that has "Number" in the name (that was a fail...note to manufacturer:  if you are going to promote the product in that way, you'd better make sure it is maintained properly.)

And there were two places that featured the therapeutic foam mattress which begins with "T" ........both times I woke in the morning lying on my side with my feet in the air.  The foam compressed under my center of gravity (ahem....hips) and my feet were dangling in the air.  Other features of this mattress:  They are very heavy, very expensive, build up heat as you sleep on them, and there is a lot of friction resistance when you try to change position on them.

And there were many, many of the "S" manufactured mattresses on our hotel odyssey.  Some with pillow tops, which mean they aren't flippable.  And why would you want to attach a pillow top, which would be the first thing to wear out anyway?  Some were comfortable, but there was no way you could find the exact same model markings in the retail market.

I mentioned flippable:  yes, I am a mattress flipper.  On each change of the seasons...all the solstices and equinoxes...our mattress gets either rotated or flipped.   It allows for a change in weight distribution over the mattress and extends it's life. 

So I did what every person of the 21st century does....googled.  There are a lot of "The truth about mattress" sites out there.  All put out by the manufacturers.  I did find The Mattress Lady who offers a lot of good information about what's generally commercially available.  My dh is a Consumer Reports devotee....I am less so.  My opinion is that CR researches the most popular brands and runs their assessment from there.  I am a skeptic about why things become the most popular and prefer that it not be the criteria that limits my search.

Another site I found is The Mattress Underground.  This was the first site that suggested the possibility of using a small, independent, local manufacturer.  What a concept!?   Who knew they existed over the shouts of all the cheap mattress outlets that dot every major road in our area?    A short list of manufacturers is here.

I noted that one of the manufacturers was in Holland, Mi.  where I attended the MLH conference last month.  So I stopped in to check them out. can check them out here.  We went with the Traditions Line.  The prices were reasonable and within the range of the big "S" companies we had looked at.  A week later, dh and I drove over and spent the afternoon going from mattress to mattress.  We "spec'd" out a mattress and it was delivered yesterday, within two weeks of ordering it.

What a great night's sleep I had!!....except for the skunk who sprayed in our yard at 2 AM, and I can't blame that on the mattress.

And yes...this mattress is flippable and has a 15 year warranty.
Sweet Dreams!

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  1. How timely Valerie, I've been thinking about replacing mattresses around here. I'm bookmarking these resources! Thank you and hope future dreams are indeed sweet on your end and skunk free! :)


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