Tuesday, September 03, 2013

getting ready for fall...

The scarves are finished:
They are cousins.  The one on the left has a reddish brown weft.  The one on the right has a burgundy weft.  Most of the yarns used are 8/2 tencel or ringspun rayon.  The purple background in the decorative bands is 10/2 rayon.

Scarf 1

Scarf 2

They came out pretty much as I hoped they would.

Also finished another prayer shawl to turn in on Thursday night:
(My apologies for the picture quality of these.  This camera just doesn't take good textile photo's the way my old Nikon does.  But the batteries for the Nikon only last for about 5 pictures.   I think that's what has put a damper on my blogging mojo.)

If you've been following the blog, you've seen a few of these before.  I see that this is the second one I've done in this color.     I think I'm about done with knitting this pattern.  Last night I started a prayer shawl from the Hamako Child of the Sea pattern last night.  It is in bright red Red Heart yarn.....not a yarn I would usually pick, but prayer shawls must be easy care. 

How are you getting ready for fall?

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  1. "How are you getting ready for fall?"

    Apparently by weaving with the same colors as you are! :) Warm looking colors...


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