Friday, August 30, 2013

Following recipes....

It's not often that I follow a recipe exactly, either in cooking or in weaving.  Usually the recipe is a place to begin then modifications are made to suit my taste, or the ingredients that are on hand.  Such is the case this past week.

This year is THE YEAR for apples and they are more than welcome after last year's failed crop.  A year of cold storage apples transported from godknowswhere has made me very hungry for a fresh apple.  We have several "wild" apple trees on our property.  For the first 22 years we've lived here, they pretty much provided fuel for the compost heap.  This year there are tasty apples on three of them.  One is definitely a Macintosh tree, another is a tart cooking apple, and the third produces small yellow apples that are indeterminate as to species.  As of 5 PM yesterday afternoon we processed over 26 lbs. of apples into apple butter, apple sauce, and one batch of apple crisp to eat warm w/ vanilla ice cream.
Here is a tiny  portion of the apple butter.  
I love 2 Tbsp. of apple butter in Greek yogurt.  Commercial apple butter goes for about $6 a jar on the grocery shelf and can be hard to find in Michigan.  I think it must be a Pennsylvania taste.  I tweaked the spices in the recipe to make  it to my own taste...a Pa. to Mi. hybrid!  Yum!

While I was following recipes, I decided to wind a warp for this:
It's the cover feature on the May/June 2011 issue of Handwoven.  The designer is Coreen Hartig.  She used silk.  I used 8/2 tencel, changed the sett a little bit, and used colors I had on hand.  The weaving has gone quickly.  The first scarf is almost done, I used a burgundy weft for it.  The second scarf will use a rusty red for the weft.

Every now and then a weaving recipe helps to get something on and off a naked loom quickly and jump starts the creative process.  I've been working on a couple of my own drafts that will go on the looms after this.
One more parting shot:


  1. Love the scarf - bet I can't do it on 4 shafts, though... Last year I went with a friend and gleaned a ton of apples (not literally). I still have apple sauce and pie filling, but the dried apples are gone. I'm hoping I get an invite again this year. I might have to drop a couple of broad hints...

  2. Oh yummy on everything! Oregon is not known for great aples, I don't care if Washington advertises their apples as great, the ain't! Now, New England apples.....the cold snaps do it and it is much colder in general in that area of the east coast.
    The scarf is lovely, good job! I guess we don't have to ask how much you are loving the Macomber!

  3. Beautiful weaving! You surely inspire!

    And yes...THE year of the apple ;o)

    ...your apple butter looks very dark and yummy. We have a sheepsnose crabapple tree that gave me 6 pints of pink jelly.


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