Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's black and white and

purple and orange? 

Answer:  the things I've been weaving.

Here's the black and white:
It's a scarf in 12 shaft turned taquete'.  The warp is white and black rayon.  The weft is 20/2 cotton in charcoal gray.  It's from the same warp that the samples in this post were woven on.  I used a lighter beat while weaving this and it spread out the curves a bit.  It also has a softer hand, so it's a good spring/fall scarf.

The orange and purple inspiration:
The echinacea are in full bloom and the bees are buzzing.
But the fabric for this purse was woven back in the spring, when the echinacea was just a leaf or two peeking out of the soil.  I posted about the fabric here.  (It's from an 8 shaft turned taquete' sampler.)

This little double pouched shoulder bag is the answer to the question:  What can you do with a piece of handwoven fabric that's 11" wide and 64" long"?  That's all of the fabric I had, and I still have about 16" left.

The pattern is Vogue 8590, a Marci Tilton pattern.  It all started out looking like this:
(sorry about the color's the difference between indoor and outdoor lighting)  After weaving the fabric and picking the pattern, I wove an inkle band with the same 8/2 cottons that were in the warp.  That's the tiger striped narrow piece just right of center.  The inkle band was just not heavy enough to be a shoulder strap, so I decided to use that sample for the tabs that hold the rings on the sides of the bag. 

Then I started to think about tablet weaving the shoulder strap.  That should give a sturdier fabric because the warps twine around the wefts with each shot.  That's the band you see on the left of the photo.  It is heavier than the inkle band.  It's okay for now, but if I can find 5/2 pearl cotton in the same colors, I will probably re-do the strap. 

The fabric in the upper right corner of the photo is what I used for the lining. 

The two pouches that make up the bag are similar but different.  The front pouch in the top photo has a zippered pocket under the front flap, in addition to the pouch of the main bag.

The back bag has a different sort of pocket.  The pattern calls for this to be a zippered pouch as well, but I like to have an open pocket to keep tissues and lip balm for easy access.  So I made it an open pocket with bound edging.

Inside the main bag lining there's an extra little pocket that will hold a few cards, and a pleated pocket for lipstick or other small items. 
As always, you can click on the photo to see a larger version.
Before sewing with the handwoven fabric, I made a test bag out of a pair of my son's old jeans.  If you decide to try this pattern, I would strongly suggest doing a prototype because the way the pattern is written can be a little confusing.
I'm still drafting patterns from the sloper class...Have made several muslins, but no actual garment yet.  That's my goal over the next couple of weeks.

Doesn't it look like the peach ones are peeking over the shoulder of the red?
They are really stunning this year.  This one is about 5" across:
Thanks for stoppiing by.  Hope your summer is productive!



  1. Wow, some serious eye candy going on in your world. LOVE that scarf but I am oh so jealous of those hollyhocks! Awesome.

  2. Wow! Beautiful work, Valerie! The woven shoulder bag from the Vogue patter is really wonderful--really striking & so clever! Love how you wove the strap nice how everything pulls together. (and yep..the way they write those Vogue patterns never changes...I call them "Vague" patterns!)

    Your Hollyhocks are showing off! I can't wait to see what color I get next year...right now- my plants from your seeds are doing well!


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