Friday, July 19, 2013

TGIF links...

It's hot.  It's Friday.  It's time to procrastinate from working on administrivia.
So click back and enjoy the links.

Is it just me?
Can anyone sit or stand still when this is playing?

Since Detroit is again in the news forefront, I thought some of you may be interested in the Detroit Issue of Whole Foods magazine, Dark Rye.
Whole Foods opened a new store in downtown Detroit last month.  I'm not sure that an upscale food market is exactly what's needed, but I give them an A for effort.  I found the magazine interesting, refreshing, and I like the way they put in the video clips yet still offered meaty text.
And if  you're not into meat, there's a recipe for Mujaddarah in is one of my favorite dishes, and has replaced mac & cheese as one of my comfort food favorites.
Plus directions for a multipurpose craft table.
Another plus: A current magazine about Detroit that did not feel it necessary to include gratutitous ruin porn photo's of Michigan Central Station which I'm sure you've seen.  IMO the state of that building says more about its owner, Matty Maroun than anything else.

Like most of the country, we are in the middle of a heat wave.  I have barely been outside most of this week because this kind of weather is not good for people with asthma.  So we are hoping for a cool front to come through so we can enjoy Maker Faire Detroit next weekend.   Weaving will be represented in a variety of ways.  Look for the weavers indoors, in the museum.

Fiberwork:  I did work on drafting some patterns this week.  And I wove another strap for the purse using tablet weaving and 5/2 pearl cotton.  The only immediate thing I have to do right now involves ironing fabric for sewing.  Not gonna happen until the weather breaks!

Okay,  gotta go work on the paperwork.  Here's one more thing (from a Detroit native) to help you boogie through the weekend:

  Stay cool!

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