Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The weather has been beautiful:
The flowers are happy:
Of course these irises are about done now.  I love the one below.  It's called "Ice Dancer":
Years ago I planted a packet of columbine seeds.  They were uniform purply-pink:
Over the years they have re-seeded themselves and have morphed into the wonderful color display of columbines that you see in the current header. All different colors from deep purple, to deep red, blue...sort of like these samples:

These are my 23 sample swatches of turned taquete' to share with our weaving study group.  We are completing a two year study of tied weaves and last Thursday we traded our samples.  I came home with 19 samples and documentation.  They are in a big pile on the dining room table while I slowly sort through them and match the samples with the various program notes and outlines that members have given in the past 24 months.

The swatches you see above are 12 shaft turned taquete'.  The reason there is so much color variation in the pieces is that I decided to put on a black and white warp and take the opportunity to empty a box of partially filled bobbins.  The idea occurred to me when I was contemplating running to Forma to buy a bag of bobbins.  I must own around 40 shuttle bobbins and didn't have a single empty one.  Now I have plenty available!

I am discovering that I can either get things accomplished, or I can blog about getting things done.  They are mutually exclusive.  There is more I could show you:  A finished purse, some inkle weaving, several different spinning projects, progress on the sloper and pattern drafting class.  But taking pictures of all those things take time.  Completing those things take time as well.  I've been opting for completing things.

Perhaps I'll get around to those photo's one of these days and just do a gallery post.  But right now I'm choosing to either play outside in the flower beds, or get projects (other than blogging) done.

Hope your summer is as productive as mine has been!