Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ticky tacky turned taquete'....

Quick, say that three times very fast!  It's what I've been weaving: Turned Taquete' aka warp faced compound tabby.

It is an elusive little weaving concept, but it can be a lot of fun to play with.  Technically it's really not a block weave, but it can be.  And it's really not a tied weave, but it could be.  There a couple ways to come up with a threading and tie-up, but the treadling can be anything you want....as long as you treadle the ground cloth picks in between. 

I was having trouble really understanding what was going on, so I decided to thread 6 different 8 shaft twill variations, then play around with a the treadling.  It was my own personal weaving workshop:
The two pieces with the tags attached are the various treadlings.  The tags identify the treadling sequence.  They should be one piece, but I got a little serger happy.  Here's a close up of the first sample, complete with threading error dead center:
You can click for a closer look.  When I first finished it looked like the dog's breakfast to me.  Now that it's been around for a couple weeks, the possibilities have begun to grow on me. Don't the orange and gray zigzags at the top remind you of Charlie Brown's shirt in the Peanut's comic strip?

Here's the last two treadlings that were inadvertantly amputated:

The treadling on the bottom kind of grew on me.  Maybe it was the shuttle shape formed by the orange threads w/ the gray background.  So I wove the rest of the warp with that treadling:
The warp is mostly 8/2 unmercerized cotton.  There might be a cone or two of 10/2 in there, but it's mostly 8/2.  The weft in the above sample is a 20/2 mercerized cotton in medium gray.  The weft in the sampler pieces above vary.  The were all finer than 8/2 and in different colors.  But I liked the effect of the grey weft best. 

The fabric in the last photo is on it's way to becoming a bag.  Stay tuned for that. 

I'm also playing around with more turned taquete' on 12 and 8 shafts.  More to come.....



  1. Beautiful! Those colors! The patterns! A treat for the eyes ~

  2. I have chosen taquete for a workshop I am doing for my guild, but having a bit of trouble getting the concept under my belt. I love what you have done with your samples. Can you help me by giving me the threading and treadling? Thank you.

  3. I am attempting to do a program for my guild on taquete and turned taquete and I actually am having trouble understanding it and finding patterns to try. I love what you have done and the variety of pattern that you have been able to accomplish. Would you be willing to share your threading and tie-ups with me? I am a new weaver and I am getting frustrated with this project. I really need a boost. Any help you are willing to give would be very appreciated. Thank you. Linda

    1. Linda, I've seen your comment, but I have no way to contact you since there is no identifying information in your comment.

      I do have a bibliography that I'd be willing to share if you send contact information to me at vmusselm at h*tmail d*t c*m.

      You are correct that there is not much written about TT or warp faced compound tabby. Bonnie Inouye has written some and done workshops on the topic. If you are on ravelry, find her profile then search her posts regarding echo weave and TT. Also search Handweaving.net for a couple of drafts that she has submitted to their archives. I think they are both 4 shaft patterns.


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