Sunday, May 26, 2013


For most of this past week it seems that my sleep has been one long stream of dreams.  Most of them weird, nonsensical dreams...Bits, fragments, flotsam and jetsam of the past heavily seasoned with imaginings.  The one from early this morning was something like that, but it was shaped by knitting.  Here's what I can remember of it:

A new knitting book has been published.  The author of this book is some sort of knitting/spinning goddess, an amalgam of Elizabeth Zimmerman, Priscilla Gibson Roberts, Judith get my drift.  Now along with the publishing of "The Book", the goddess has also released a line of her own new, innovative, never before seen yarns.  

The essence of this dream is my quest to obtain this book and some of this yarn.  Once successful in acquiring these things I sit down to knit with my prayer shawl knitting friends.  The color of this exclusive yarn is yellow, so not me.  But I have cast on and am knitting and chatting away.  Soon I notice that there is something about this has a wrapper on the strand, kind of like the wrapper on string cheese or salami, that needs to be peeled away.  So I begin to peel away the skin on the yarn.  It turns out that peeling the yarn unleashes its magical properties.  By peeling away the covering, I have released the power of the knitting goddess into my life.  It is insidious:  there are pop up ads in the knitting, the yarn unravels sections in the middle of the knitting leaving big loops.  It hides my cell phone and my purse and takes over my credit cards.

I awaken while desperately trying to put the genie back into the yarn.

So...knitting dream analysts, what do you make of that?
I'm thinking I'll stick with handspun.....not yellow.


  1. Um, do not buy yarn touted by Goddesses? :)

    It sounds a bit like Fantasia.

    This morning I dreamed that our solar yard lights went out, and indeed, just as I went out the door to get in the hot tub, they did turn off. It was a bit eerie. But a more clear message than your dream!

  2. Down the rabbit hole, we go!

  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Oh my. That sounds like my kind of dream! So funny.


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