Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring has been a little late this year....

(with apologies to Frank Loesser)..

And last evening this guy wanted to know what the hold up is:

Yep...he is a little "snappish" about it:
(Note the classic snapper tail.  He's about the size of a baseball mitt.)

The lag in spring's arrival has allowed for some progress on the fiber front:

Remember the M's & O's baby blanket?  Well this is what I did with the two left over skeins of yarn:
The pattern is Sunshine (Ravelry link) by Jane Ellison.  It was a quick, easy knit for the 6-12 mos. size with a comfortable amount of yarn left over from the two skeins.  Both blanket and pinafore were packed up and placed in the mail this AM.

There has also been spinning:
This is a 4 oz. hank of hand dyed merino.  I don't know the grist.....being too lazy to pull out the McMorran balance.  Here's a close up to give you an idea:
The intended use is for weaving garment fabric.  The color is different in the spun yarn than in the top.  I'm not sure what I would pair it with for weaving.  It may need overdyeing...we'll see.

The fitting class  is proceeding apace, and I now have a muslin.  It needs adjustments before next Monday.  Then we move on to transferring it to a mylar block.  I'm thinking about taking the next class, which is pattern drafting.

There has also been reading.  But that will be another book post to bring you up to date.
Meanwhile, I will leave you with this little taste of spring from my front porch:
I feel guilty...they look like they are shivering every time I peek out at them. 

Wishing you spring (rather than shivers!)  in your heart, where ever you are!

PS...there's this little hand embroidery blog that I love:  Were I so Besotted.  I suspect that the post that I've linked to is true for many of you who read this blog.


  1. I haven't seen a snapper in forever! Thank you.
    We had a lot of them where I grew up and every year they haul those prehistoric bodies up from near the river, dig holes in the mulch pile we always had, lay eggs for a day or two and then disappear. Weeks later, out of a warm mulch mountain many little snappers would arrive much to my delight. We tubbed them down closer to the swamp areas, which by then had usually receded quite a bit.

  2. NICE new hedder!

    Your spinning and knitting and potted planting are all lovely! Thanks for the link to the embroidery blog..I've been dreaming about embroidery these days.


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