Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Redux...

Whoops, made it to Jan. 29 without a blog post this year!  So, how about a quick photo tour of the month's activity?

Though I am not a quilter, I just turned this stuff into church today for the rest of the "quilters" to do  their thing:
This is something our church does for the graduating high school seniors every year.  The link takes you to a previous explanatory post.  I cut all of the blank squares for the confirmation kids to do the handprints tomorrow night, appliqued all of the hearts for the center squares, did the text on the squares in the lower right of the photo, and repaired a poorly stitched area of the binding on the completed quilt.

There has been knitting:
Knitting essentially black socks in the darkest, shortest days of the year was not my brightest idea.  But here they are.

Deciding to knit dh a sweater for Christmas on Dec. 16.... another dim idea.
The pattern is Cambridge and the yarn is Lion Brand Fisherman's wool.  The expected finish date is undetermined, but certainly was not Christmas of 2012.

In the spinning department:
I'm spinning frog hair....can you tell?  It's green.  This is merino and is destined to be weaving yarn....someday.

A little bit of weaving:
Continuing to play with the turned taquete warp that's been on the Macomber.  I think I've finally found a treadling sequence that I like though my color choice in this warp leaves a bit to be desired.  But that is what sampling is for, I guess.  I now have a better idea for the next warp in this weave structure.

And some dyeing:
Saturday was guild dye day, so I wound a bunch of warps in 8/2 ringspun rayon.  These are the cool colors.
And below are the warm ones:
Wouldn't this make a great jigsaw puzzle?!

And these are the warps that didn't get dyed:
I think I will need to have my own dye day once the weather warms up.

So, that's a quick review of the fiber activity around here this month.  Perhaps there will be finished items in February!


  1. Fibery goodness!! I haven't knit anything else this month except the 2 hats. I'm spinning a 3-ply romney that's actually really nice, and it's a natural tan. I want a high-collared vest, and I'm still contemplating the design. I have 14 oz. spun, and I'm almost ready to cast on...

    I need to dye some warps (I need to WIND them first!!).

    Looking forward to more inspiration!

  2. Look at you! 2013 is already filled to the brim with fibery pursuits. Love some of those dyed yarns. Great colors and no doubt you will have a ton of fun finding uses for them

  3. Wow...your turned taquette piece is amazing! I will need to look into that structure further. I love this draft and how the diamonds are reversing themselves in color....gorgeous!

  4. I think you dyed my colors! ::grabby hands::

    So lovely and cheery for January :).

  5. Your weaving (even if it is only a sample) is always so striking!

    And tomorrow is February already!


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