Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday...

Yep, it's that day again.  This one is a big one ending in 0.  It's the one where some of the junk phone calls on caller ID read "Safe Step Bathtubs" or "Medic Alert".  Shocking really, since I do not see myself as the target I pick up the call and tell them they have the wrong number.  Fear mongers...that's what they are.

Anyway...the virus and accompanying secondary infections are abating with the help of round two of antibiotics and lots of kefir with 10 active strains of probiotics.  Both recommended by the new doctor that I switched to the day after Christmas.  Based on the kefir recommendation alone, I like her a lot!

So here are the last finished objects for 2012:

Fire Engine Red prayer shawlette for my friend, Priscilla.
It is knit from Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo since wool was out of the question.
It's the third time I've knit that pattern.  Details are at the Ravelry link.

This Willow Cowl was knit for me from a Malabrigo sock yarn (another Ravlery Link).
It's okay, not great, mostly I'm not a fan of the yarn, despite the hype it gets online.
It does keep one warm, but I couldn't help but feel a bit like Mrs. Tishall on Doc Martin while wearing it:

Next up:  Spindling
This is a pile of spindle spun and plied cashmere from 2012.
Over the years I've collected a number of little baggies of cashmere which I've been spinning on various of my spindles.  
The latest skein is the one on the right side of the top of the pile in the photo above.

The current batch of cashmere is on this Jenkins Aegean spindle which I posted about here.
I've spun a lot with this spindle this year and really love it.

 No New Years Resolutions to share, just a big, long "To Do" list which I may or may not share later.

I do want to wish each of you a very happy New Year, filled with time and materials for all the fiber pursuits your heart desires.  



  1. Isn't Doc Martin a fun show. I also try to catch "Call the Mid-Wife". Happy New Years Valerie, all good things to you and yours for 2013! And that red shawl..stunning!

  2. Happy big birthday with the 0! Sometimes getting a grasp of how many years have truly passed is very strange. 56 certainly isn't what I thought it was when my mom was this age. :)
    It's great your new Dr not only is knowledgeable but wise! Kerfir, mmm that sounds so good right now.

    You do such beautiful work! I love seeing the cashmere yarn.

  3. Hurray for a Dr who's not only knowledgeable but wise! Hopefully you'll soon be thriving full speed ahead.

    Happy Birthday with a 0 at the end! Odd how the years fly but age isn't what we perceived when we were young.

    Your handwork is beautiful! Priscilla will be blessed to be wrapped in the lovely, cheerful shawl. And it's great to see the cashmere yarn!

  4. I have the penultimate big one ending in 9 in a few days. Congratulations on making it this far - every day is a gift! The cowl is interesting - I'm not a real fan of malbrigo, but then I'm spoiled by my handspun!

    I love all the spindled yarn. I have a Jenkins Swan, and when I do spindle, that's the go-to.

    Happy Birthday, and many more!


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