Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home Dec.

I've been channeling my inner Martha Stewart by finally getting around to the home dec. sewing.  The supplies were purchased ages ago (remember when I painted the kitchen back in 2011?), but I just never seemed to get to it.  Over the past few weeks, here's what I've accomplished:

Soft Cornices:
two windows like this.

And one doorwall like this:
What took me so long to get around to this was figuring out a shape for the cornices that would coordinate the two different sizes, since they are all lined up on one wall.  A bit of time with a calculator and some graph paper followed by a lot of trips up and down a step stool with paper mock-ups resulted in this design. 

Once those were done it was time to work on the decorator touches for the living room and dining room (which are really one great big room).
 Throw pillows and footstool.
(Note the chair in upper left hand corner.)

Here it is in close up.  There are two parson's chairs like this in the dining room.

And a table runner to go with.

It feels good to have this done.  I doubt I will do much sewing with home dec. fabrics in the future.  All of these pieces required running them through the serger, which created a lot of nasty dust.  I started wearing a dust mask when using the serger on these fabrics, but I still had a pretty significant systemic reaction after extended sewing sessions.  Maybe it was the dust, the chemicals used to treat the fabrics, or a combination of the two, but I won't knowingly expose myself to that again.   I've never had that problem sewing garments with commercial or handwoven fabrics.  But then again, garment fabric is washed and pressed before sewing. You can't do that with the home dec. fabrics. 
Next on my list is vacuuming out the sewing machines and cleaning all the detritus from these projects out of the sewing room.   After that, some Christmas decorating.  Notice how none of the things in the above post go with traditional Christmas colors?  Ah well.....


  1. LOVELY! That's great fabric for the living room.
    I'm so lucky, there really isn't much that bothers me to sew even decorating fabric that's been treated and I like the smell of paint too. ;) Love the cornice work. How formal! I'm lucky to have any curtains up at all really, because like who's going to look in? The resident fox, maybe a bear or two. Good to see you up and blogging Valeria. Have fun with the holiday decorating.

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    they all look fabulous. Your attention to detail is what makes such a huge difference. The piping, the pattern matches, etc. You are a very talented gal, Val... (this is from Priscilla, not anonymous:))


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