Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hanging by a thread.....

I think that before we go through another election cycle our home phone will be history.

Today, election day, when the voting from this household is already done, we have received 8 phone calls.  That makes the combined calls from yesterday and today 25 calls.  Most of them are from the Republicans.  I am not a republican.....I am a thinking person who reads broadly, pays attention, and often splits the ticket.

The creepiest calls by far have been the pre-recorded messages done by Clint Eastwood and Pat Boone.  Really?!  I wondered if they had to exhume Pat Boone to do the message, but I refused to stoop to googling that.  How old do they think I am?!

And Clint Eastwood.....I just sat the phone on a kitchen chair and walked out.  I'm told he likes to talk to empty chairs.

Caller ID used to be a great help, but somehow they have tricked the system and I get voicemails of busy signals and obnoxious noises if I don't pick up.

Sometimes (well really, most of the time) I pick up and hit "end call".  Then Thursday, while I was trying to cut out a pattern for a jacket in some very nice wool (it is Wovember after all....and yes, that does count as fiber content in this post.)  I took three such phone calls in succession before I could even put the phone down.

Exactly where is the borderline between campaigning and harassment?

This afternoon I had to leave the house after the 7th phone call.  I ran to the LYS and picked up the holiday issue of VK just so I could read the article by Barbara Kingsolver.  She has a new book out and I'm on the waiting list at the library.

When I walked in the door from that errand the phone was ringing.  Caller ID:  Private Name; Private Number.  at 4:20 PM. on election day.  Call number 8.

I'm hanging onto the edge by my fingernails for the next 3 hrs. 40 min...Unless they are stupid enough to run robo calls after the polls close.  Which is a distinct possibility.   They were dumb enough to publicly say, "Then we just flip the Etch-A-Sketch." (one among many offensive quotes from the past 6 months.)

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  1. Well, the phones should be quiet today. Nothing left to do but sweep up the confetti and smile! :)


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