Thursday, October 04, 2012


What happened to September?

I knitted a sea silk shawlette the color of that red tree in this photo to wear to a September wedding in NJ.  But before that I knitted the same pattern in pink linen.  Not the best idea I've ever had.  That pink shawlette just looks like a really big, oddly shaped dish cloth.

The wedding was an excuse for a road trip.  On the way there we stopped at The Mannings.  It's the first I've been there in about 28 years. So much cool weaving stuff.... Someday I'd like to go back and take a class.

After the wedding we headed up New England to view shipyards, mansions, and Cape Cod.  We ate seafood.  We walked and talked and took a boat ride or two.  Then we headed into central Massachusetts.
Stopped in at Vavstuga where I really should have called ahead before stopping in.  But Terry was gracious and gave me the tour and let me browse the shop.  Sigh....Someday I'd like to go back and take a class. 

On Terry's recommendation we had a late afternoon pub meal at The West End Pub.  The flower bridge was still in full bloom, but it was a pretty soggy day so no pictures.

On down the Connecticut River Valley in Massachesetts, where the fall color was beautiful.  Of course we stopped at Webs.  What fun to see the legendary yarn store that has been a great online presence for weavers and knitters.  Someday....(you can finish that sentence.)

From there we headed across the Berkshires, down the Hudson River a ways before crossing over the Catskills, then across lower New York state and across the Allegheny Mountains (sorry...I'm from Pennsylvania and that's the way we spell Allegheny.)  The fall color was beautiful the whole way along that trail.  But many of the small towns still show devastating damage from the floods after Hurricane Irene last year.
So here I am, back home with a lot of local color (all of the photo's in this post).  I have been getting a lot of things done.  In addition to the two shawlettes, I've finished a prayer shawl and I've been designing and sewing soft cornices for the kitchen (at last!)  Not much weaving happening.  But I have plans.....
You would too if you had just gotten this book:
Kelly Marshall's website seems to be down right now.  But there's a good article with photo's here.

Well perhaps I'll do better at blogging in October. 


  1. Wondered what you had been busy with!

    Mannings is a fun place for workshop! Tom K. has a nice new DVD that is on my list of purchases I'd like to well as a workshop with him!

  2. Kelly was at Convergence in Long Beach. Two of our guild members came back with her book and one had already woven rep weave hand towels, which seems like an oxymoron to me, but they were lovely. What a wonderful trip you had!!


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