Thursday, July 05, 2012

There's Something Fishy Goin' on 'Round Here...

I've tweaked the draft and here it is woven:
There is a threading error in this sample.  Look at the eye of the second from the right upside down fish.  One of the threads ended up on shaft 5 instead of shaft 4.  The warp is two shades of blue: one in 8/2 cotton and the other in 16/2 cotton.  The pattern weft is 3/2 cotton, natural.  The tie down weft is the 16/2 cotton.  All yarns are unmercerized.   Next step is to cut this off and wash a couple of times to determine shrinkage.  And fix the threading error before retying and finishing off the sample while I think of a use for the rest of the sample.

And these have been finished for a week or so:
It's too hot to do anything with them other than tuck them in the drawer for a couple of months.

Today is in the 90's again.  With the humidity the heat index is 107.  After the prolonged dry spell of the past couple weeks we've had serial thunderstorms since Monday.  We need the water, but it makes for very muggy days and nights with poor air quality.  It's come to the point that I have more "house-bound days" due to the weather in the summer than in the winter. 

Hope the rest of you are staying cool and comfortable.


  1. Those fish are adorable!!!

  2. He's just winking ;).

    Love the waves part of the weaving, and the Hot Sox!

  3. But fishy in a good way. :) Love it and the socks. You'll feel quite pampered pulling those out to wear the first time in the fall. They're beautiful Valerie.


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