Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just playing around....

with weaving software:

It's really too hot to do much else.

Don't you wish you were swimming with the fishes?  I've wound the warp to sample this....stay tuned for breaking developments.


  1. Very nice! The fish profile design came from a weaver in Halifax via the Warped Weavers group in Ravelry.
    I can see that you use Fiberworks. For fun, select an area of the liftplan with one fish, just from shaft 3 to shaft 12 (not the first two). Right click, choose "transform", then "cycle". Next click on Left or Right, using one click and then another, and watch as that fish swims across the fabric. You can also make them turn over.
    Bonnie Inouye

  2. Oh great fish! Sorry about the heat, we're having record cool temps and rain. Go figure.
    I guess this moisture isn't getting over the Rockies into the middle of the country where it is REALLY,REALLY needed.


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