Friday, May 18, 2012

To Do - To Done

Still working on the house project.  Everytime I think about it this comes to mind:

Yep, you're welcome.

Every remaining part of the project has multiple steps that have to happen in order.  The following list is more for me than anything you might want to read:
  • Yesterday the guy was here to measure for the drapes.  Now I'm waiting for my call to be returned to get the final price quote and order the drapes.....before the 15% off sale ends tomorrow.
  • Finally got the carpet cleaning scheduled for Monday.  Was hoping to have it done this week, but the guy's truck was in a collision last weekend.  The carpet needs to be cleaned before the looms can move upstairs.  Must move 3 big boxes of ds's stuff to the garage for him to pick up this weekend as part of emptying out that room.
  • I've sent a baby shower gift, RSVP'd to one wedding shower and a different wedding, still have RSVP to yet another wedding shower.  Must buy gifts for the last three.  (Expensive summer in the gift department.)
  • Purchased a couple of outdoor plants this morning.    Weeded two flower beds.  Have about 4 yards of mulch to spread this weekend (but dh will do most of long as his back holds out).  Also have to turn over the soil where the impatiens go, then purchase 5 flats of impatiens, which will then need to be planted.  Must make a list of perennials that need to be I know for sure is the Lamium needs some fresh plants added to that bed.  And the kitty's catnip plant was stunted by the perhaps a new catnip plant from the farmers market tomorrow.
  • Windows and screens need to be washed. preferably before the drapes arrive.
I'm sure all of you have similar lists.  It seems like many of the blogs I read are in the process of "tossing the house" this spring...whether they planned to or not (thinking of poor Jean who was flooded by the upstairs neighbors.)

I have been back to weaving on the Summer & Winter Towels which were interrupted by the painting and carpeting project.  I think there's enough warp for one more towel.  It would be good to cut that warp off the loom before it gets moved upstairs.

And there has been knitting:
First pair of socks I''ve done in awhile.  The photo captures the colors well (at least on my monitor).  I guess they are kind of loud, aren't they?  Oh well, they are entertaining to knit.

The gardening season is well ahead of normal least by 3 weeks.
That's a lot of rosebuds for May in Michigan.
The peony plants are little stunted, but there are plenty of buds.
And we will soon have irises opening up, but it seems I lost that photo.  I'll post a picture of the blooms when they pop.

Hope your to do list is also moving to "to done"!


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Love the socks what is the pattern

  2. I'm surprised - I thought the looms were staying in the dining room. You certainly do have a lot on your to-do list. No list for me, thanks. And the socks are the bomb. Are you kidding?!! I love the colors!

  3. LOL!! The song that doesn't youngest used to sing that to her older sister until she cried...ha ha ha!!

  4. I can always count on you for a good earworm ;-)

    Love the roses when they are in bud...and love the bright colors for the socks!


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