Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Finally found a table lamp for the living room.  But I have to ask you, which of these lampshades looks like it belongs on the lamp?

It was really hard to find a lamp of decent quality and in a design that I like.  The fact that it doesn't have a glass shade to cut me is just icing on the cake.

Still working on window treatments.  The ones I wanted won't work for a variety of reasons which dh, ever the mechanical engineer, so astutely pointed out.  So I have fabric samples coming in the mail.

Still spinning naturally colored cotton:

On the wheel 

 from raw cotton hand carded into rolags

 And still spinning the sliver on the support spindles:

Here is the most recent bit of cashmere spun on a support spindle:
 Which has me wondering why I bought a 5 gram baggie of raw cashmere?

And one more imponderable, the sentence that I clearly heard as I was waking from a dream this morning:
"Of course we don't usually hold classes to teach people how to be clumsy...."
That's all I remember of the dream.....was I inquiring about such a class (which I clearly don't need...I've been plenty clumsy lately without instruction)?  Or perhaps I was seeking a venue to teach my newly acquired clumsiness to others?
Does anyone else have auditory only dreams?


  1. i vote for the second shade it matches the shape of the base and draws your eye to the pottery.i often dream in patterns. colors of warp and weft interlacing endlessly. dreams are crazy like that :) lovely spinning!

  2. I like the second shade. Something about its shape echoes the shape of the lamp base to me. Just my 2 cents :-)

  3. vickie5:26 AM

    also like the second shade. love it's shape.

  4. Anonymous10:16 AM

    The second shade is my pick also. The other one is too ????I don't know what and takes away from the base of the lamp. (-:

  5. I, too, like the second shade. Love the shape of that one with the lamp (which is very attractive, too). Something about the top one makes it look cumbersome and over-sized to me. Must be the shape of that one. I see my choice has other good company to back it up.

  6. Go for #2. It creates more of a balanced look than the first, which looks top-heavy.

    I have those left-over auditory snippets occasionally, but there's usually a "feeling" that's more important. Weird...

  7. The square shade matching the square base would be my choice.


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