Monday, April 16, 2012

Up and down....

Thank you all for your kind words of concern in my last post.  Things have improved:
  • The stitches came out on Friday, revealing my "Frankenthumb".  It's been looking a little better every day, but will probably need a little scar treatment in the form of mederma and some deep tissue massage which I can do.  I'll spare you a photo.
  • The guild meeting was good and energizing.  The topic was Summer and Winter Polychrome (click on the link for an example) with some wonderful, colorful samples.  Color...what's not to love?!
  • The sewing room and small study have been totally emptied and I am waiting for the carpet guys to come and re-stretch the carpet.
  • In the process of emptying two large book cases and one small one, I have liberated a fair amount of shelf space.  Why is it I can look at a bookshelf and think that there's nothing there to cull, then when it comes to handling each book it becomes clear which ones must go?  
  • I am literally "up and down" when it comes to moving the looms upstairs.  One moment I think it's a great idea and can envision how a different studio space might come together.  The next moment my heart (or maybe it's my back?) clings to the idea of keeping the looms in the dining room which is a nice central location.  I'm sure the right decision will become clear as we move things back into place, sort of like the bookshelves on a larger scale.
  • Meanwhile, I've been spinning some cotton sliver the slow way:


  1. If blogs were like Ravelry I would have just clicked "love" for the cotton spinning. As it is, I have to write a complete thought, poor me!


  2. I would click the love too! Nice looking cop you have there!

  3. Once of the things that attracted me to this floor plan was the option of using the dining room for a weaving studio if the stairs became to much. I love having the private dining room and sometimes go there just to read in the Eastern window. I also love having my studio upstairs, away and mine. The stairs are obnoxious when I'm doing laundry and weaving, whatever.

  4. I think you'll find upstairs louder than down with the loom but I'm assuming the trade off is more dedicated space?
    Glad the stitches are out!!


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