Friday, April 20, 2012


 If you've been following along the past few weeks, you know that I have been moving stuff from room to room and out of the house.  Each time I handle a group of objects, a few more things get culled from the heap.   A large portion of what has been culled are books.  Just this week, I filled the trunk of the car up with books and took them off to various points.  And on that trip I made a vow.......only acquire books that I can't get from the library and that I truly intend to use.

So, today I returned a book to the library (The Buddha in the case you're wondering*).  And while I was there I decided that I would really like to read Wolf Hall.  No copies were available and the wait list was long.  So, maybe a walk through the Friends of the Library used book collection would be fruitful ($1 for hard cover and $.50 for soft cover).  Can you believe there was a copy of In the Garden of the Beasts on the shelf?  We are doing that in book group in August and it's been hard to get a copy at the library.  So for $1 it came home with me.

 But you know, I still had that jones for Wolf Hall, and there was a 15% off coupon for Barnes and Noble that expires tomorrow.  So over to B&N and there was one soft cover copy of became mine at %15 less than retail.

And this is how, one by one, a person accumulates another trunk load of books to be carted off again in the future.

Is there a meeting for book readers?

*I liked it, it's very short, and written in the first person plural about Japanese women who were imported as brides in the early 1920's and ends with their removal to the Japanese internment camps in the 1940's.  If you read the acknowledgements, you'll note that the author used some of Donald Rumsfeld's statements about Guantanamo for the statements of the local politicians at the time of the removal of the people of Japanese heritage.  Read into that whatever you like.


  1. I loved Wolf Hall, hope you do too. I'll have to check out the other book!

  2. Ian and I read both Buddha in the Attic and In the Garden of the Beast - liked them a lot, but the first especially. I found Wolf Hall a slog - looking forward to your opinion.

  3. Please....when poeple see my reading my Kindle they comment about not reading/buying books any more....I have to tell them I probably have a small bookstore-worth of books in my house - and altho I try to restrain myself, I still buy more (2 today!) and still read books from the library!


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