Monday, April 02, 2012

Let's Lighten Things Up A Little Bit....

The new dining room chandelier is installed:
It replaces a 1970's era light fixture that had 57 textured glass tubes hanging down in a cascade....think 1970's Holiday Inn conference room.  I never did like the thing, but put up with it all these years.  There was a matching glass light fixture in the foyer which has been replaced by this:
I've looked at a lot of light fixtures over the years and there were a lot of them that would be okay.  But when I walked in the lighting store and saw a sister fixture to the first picture, I loved the design.  It kind of looks like an Asian design, or maybe something from the 50's.  It looks very contemporary and at the same time like something from the past.  It looks like a smile.

What do I like about this design?
  • It matches the style of this house
  • It has really clean lines
  • It will be easy to redecorate around for a long time without looking like a signature fixture from the 80's, 90's, 00's or 10's.
There's a matching pendant that goes over the stairs.  I had to coordinate with a different line from the same manufacturer for the ceiling lights in the hallways.

So we are back to "color me happy".   

BTW...It wasn't the glass from the old chandelier that cut me.  We have all the pieces to that chandelier plus at least one back up glass thingy....just in case anyone is interested (We'll give it to you cheap free and throw in the foyer light.)

Was going to title this post "You light up my life...", but decided to spare you the ear worm.  (Yes, I have an evil streak. But no worse that google's evil streak which had new floor lamp advertisements every time I opened my email after I posted about the accident on Saturday. )


  1. Beautiful choices! I love your chandelier and with that lovely stained glass
    you have I think it's nod to the asian is perfect. Lighting design is makes quite a difference in the overall feel of a room doesn't it?
    Hey thanks for the ear worm, not sure if it's any better than the one I got last night watching "The Voice". Living on a Prayer...just in case you want to trade on earworms...;)

  2. Very nice fixture choices~ harmonious & pleasing!

    And I've decided not to play earworm wars today, so I'll stick with the one I've had in my own head for the past 3 days, Irvin Berlin's "This is the Army, Mr. Jones" ;-P


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