Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just had to get this out of my system....

They can do this but they can't find away to stop molesting children?  I spent some time with some of these women and posted about that retreat here.  

In summary of that retreat, one of the statements I wrote was:  
 "An obsession for control diminishes our capacity for compassion, listening, and yeilding our own (sometimes wrongly held) beliefs."

Ahem...Perhaps the Vatican should take a retreat with the Dominican sisters?

Their work for social justice was impressive in the areas of education, health care, human trafficking, and the environment.  Sadly, I don't see those values coming out of Rome.

Okay...rant over....(for now).

Still moving stuff back and forth and out of the house.  Next week is the church rummage sale.  I will be taking multiple loads over there.  

Theresa and Sharon have made me think that the looms should stay where they are.  Am still mulling this over. 


  1. Yeah, don't get me started... I agree. I can't get communion because I'm divorced. Now if I was a murderer and went to confession, said I was sorry, I'd be good to go. The Church doesn't make any sense to me.

  2. I struggle with Rome as well. I just don't have an alternative solution that I like any better. Anyway, as for where the looms are - it sounds like the problem is more that the storage around them needs to be resolved.

  3. vickie5:36 AM

    these old men and their need to control!!! i have said it a million times-"where was your outrage when your fellow priest were raping little boys!!" i'm done...

  4. Valerie, I can't wrap my mind around any organized religion these days, but cripes, the Catholic Church makes very little sense to me except as punch line.

  5. I believe church hierarchy has lost the teachings of Jesus.

  6. Val, I so agree with your rant. It is despicable: Ignoring, hiding, and committing hypocrisy (about the child molestation and abuse) in the name of what... the bureaucracy? "stability"? "Good order"? And then to come down on this fabulous group of women because what... they think? they use their God-given minds?

    God knows (truly) my own branch of Christendom has had its faults. But our passionate desire for transparency and integrity is taking hold, and such tragic shenanigans will be no more.

    I tell my RC sisters, "Come home. You are welcome here."

    /end rant/



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