Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's been this kind of week:

(Do you see Edvard Munch's The Scream in the wood grain?  It's one of our kitchen cabinets.)

Monday I had an appointment with my dr. to get the stitches out.  He took one look at the cut and said, "Those stitches are nowhere near ready to come out.  In fact there should be at least 3 more stitches in there." had been 10 days and those were my discharge instructions.  So I go back on Friday.

Monday afternoon I had to finish moving things back to the dining and living rooms from upstairs.  Of course I put a ding in one of freshly painted walls.

Yesterday I was getting 40 lb. box of kitty litter out of the trunk of my car and pulled a muscle in my back.  Ouch.....not much sleep last night.

Today I started packing up and moving the sewing room so the carpet guys can come on Monday and restretch the carpet in there.  There's a lot of stuff in there.  I moved maybe a quarter of the stuff today into ds's old room....and that wasn't any of the heavy stuff.

Once the carpet is restretched, all that stuff needs to be moved out of ds's former room so the carpet in that room can be cleaned.  

Then....we will consider moving the looms and the weaving stuff into ds's room and make it my weaving studio.  If we can bear the thought of moving stuff around yet again.

There was a moment yesterday afternoon when I hit the wall and seriously considered just moving everything out to the curb.  No more knitting, no more weaving, no more spinning....just move it all out of here and be done with it.

Tomorrow is weaving guild meeting....Hope a day out with other weavers improves my outlook.


  1. I think it will, it always does for me. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but I do love your Munch-ian wood grain.

  2. I see the scream. This too shall pass~

  3. vickie5:33 AM

    A wise older woman once told me, "Let yourself have a bad day. We all do. But, get up the next day and try to move forward." the work will get done, Val. Take your time!!!! Love you.

  4. I hope so too! Bummer on the stitches. The lamp that just keeps on giving huh? My sympathies on the back strain. I don't buy kitty litter but the car quite often is loaded down with grain sacks and they all must be opened and put into rodent and raccoon proof containers. It's a groaner of a job.

  5. Oh wow, you had one of those weeks too, huh? Yep, me too :(

  6. Sounds like you a ready for R&R. I hope by tomorrow the cut has healed enough for your stitches to come out.

    Hang in there..try to think of these things as "small stuff" and don't sweat it. I'd trade places with you for day if you think it would help ;-)

    and ahem, where exactly do you live?..I'll be watching your curb closely (hee hee)

  7. I had a moment of "silhouette or vase" but in this case it was "heart or scream"? And then saw your post. Scream it was.....
    Some days are worst than others and some weeks should be struck from the record.
    Blessings to you and yours and may you find hand knit socks in your sock drawer to lighten your path.....


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