Friday, April 20, 2012


 If you've been following along the past few weeks, you know that I have been moving stuff from room to room and out of the house.  Each time I handle a group of objects, a few more things get culled from the heap.   A large portion of what has been culled are books.  Just this week, I filled the trunk of the car up with books and took them off to various points.  And on that trip I made a vow.......only acquire books that I can't get from the library and that I truly intend to use.

So, today I returned a book to the library (The Buddha in the case you're wondering*).  And while I was there I decided that I would really like to read Wolf Hall.  No copies were available and the wait list was long.  So, maybe a walk through the Friends of the Library used book collection would be fruitful ($1 for hard cover and $.50 for soft cover).  Can you believe there was a copy of In the Garden of the Beasts on the shelf?  We are doing that in book group in August and it's been hard to get a copy at the library.  So for $1 it came home with me.

 But you know, I still had that jones for Wolf Hall, and there was a 15% off coupon for Barnes and Noble that expires tomorrow.  So over to B&N and there was one soft cover copy of became mine at %15 less than retail.

And this is how, one by one, a person accumulates another trunk load of books to be carted off again in the future.

Is there a meeting for book readers?

*I liked it, it's very short, and written in the first person plural about Japanese women who were imported as brides in the early 1920's and ends with their removal to the Japanese internment camps in the 1940's.  If you read the acknowledgements, you'll note that the author used some of Donald Rumsfeld's statements about Guantanamo for the statements of the local politicians at the time of the removal of the people of Japanese heritage.  Read into that whatever you like.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just had to get this out of my system....

They can do this but they can't find away to stop molesting children?  I spent some time with some of these women and posted about that retreat here.  

In summary of that retreat, one of the statements I wrote was:  
 "An obsession for control diminishes our capacity for compassion, listening, and yeilding our own (sometimes wrongly held) beliefs."

Ahem...Perhaps the Vatican should take a retreat with the Dominican sisters?

Their work for social justice was impressive in the areas of education, health care, human trafficking, and the environment.  Sadly, I don't see those values coming out of Rome.

Okay...rant over....(for now).

Still moving stuff back and forth and out of the house.  Next week is the church rummage sale.  I will be taking multiple loads over there.  

Theresa and Sharon have made me think that the looms should stay where they are.  Am still mulling this over. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Up and down....

Thank you all for your kind words of concern in my last post.  Things have improved:
  • The stitches came out on Friday, revealing my "Frankenthumb".  It's been looking a little better every day, but will probably need a little scar treatment in the form of mederma and some deep tissue massage which I can do.  I'll spare you a photo.
  • The guild meeting was good and energizing.  The topic was Summer and Winter Polychrome (click on the link for an example) with some wonderful, colorful samples.  Color...what's not to love?!
  • The sewing room and small study have been totally emptied and I am waiting for the carpet guys to come and re-stretch the carpet.
  • In the process of emptying two large book cases and one small one, I have liberated a fair amount of shelf space.  Why is it I can look at a bookshelf and think that there's nothing there to cull, then when it comes to handling each book it becomes clear which ones must go?  
  • I am literally "up and down" when it comes to moving the looms upstairs.  One moment I think it's a great idea and can envision how a different studio space might come together.  The next moment my heart (or maybe it's my back?) clings to the idea of keeping the looms in the dining room which is a nice central location.  I'm sure the right decision will become clear as we move things back into place, sort of like the bookshelves on a larger scale.
  • Meanwhile, I've been spinning some cotton sliver the slow way:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's been this kind of week:

(Do you see Edvard Munch's The Scream in the wood grain?  It's one of our kitchen cabinets.)

Monday I had an appointment with my dr. to get the stitches out.  He took one look at the cut and said, "Those stitches are nowhere near ready to come out.  In fact there should be at least 3 more stitches in there." had been 10 days and those were my discharge instructions.  So I go back on Friday.

Monday afternoon I had to finish moving things back to the dining and living rooms from upstairs.  Of course I put a ding in one of freshly painted walls.

Yesterday I was getting 40 lb. box of kitty litter out of the trunk of my car and pulled a muscle in my back.  Ouch.....not much sleep last night.

Today I started packing up and moving the sewing room so the carpet guys can come on Monday and restretch the carpet in there.  There's a lot of stuff in there.  I moved maybe a quarter of the stuff today into ds's old room....and that wasn't any of the heavy stuff.

Once the carpet is restretched, all that stuff needs to be moved out of ds's former room so the carpet in that room can be cleaned.  

Then....we will consider moving the looms and the weaving stuff into ds's room and make it my weaving studio.  If we can bear the thought of moving stuff around yet again.

There was a moment yesterday afternoon when I hit the wall and seriously considered just moving everything out to the curb.  No more knitting, no more weaving, no more spinning....just move it all out of here and be done with it.

Tomorrow is weaving guild meeting....Hope a day out with other weavers improves my outlook.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter....

Now the green blade rises from the buried grain,
Wheat that in the dark earth many years has lain;
Love lives again, that with the dead has been:
Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

In the grave they laid Him, Love Whom we had slain,
Thinking that Hed never wake to life again,
Laid in the earth like grain that sleeps unseen:
Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

Up He sprang at Easter, like the risen grain,
He that for three days in the grave had lain;
Up from the dead my risen Lord is seen:
Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

When our hearts are saddened, grieving or in pain,
By Your touch You call us back to life again;
Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been:
Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

 Whatever your faith, may the field of your heart spring up green with hope and new love. today and always.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

Words to live by....

For Good Friday or Pesach....

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.”
(multiple let's just say Anon.)


Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Don't you wish I would post something about weaving....or spinning...or knitting?

Me too.

Today I'm pricing out window treatments.  Of course everyone has a "sale" that starts today, or ends today, or some other device to try and make one feel like they just have to jump on a deal.  And then there are the hidden charges...oversize shipping, hemming (yep, there's an extra charge for a hem vs. laser cut bottom), etc.

So if you're looking for some weaving eye candy, take a look at this.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Let's Lighten Things Up A Little Bit....

The new dining room chandelier is installed:
It replaces a 1970's era light fixture that had 57 textured glass tubes hanging down in a cascade....think 1970's Holiday Inn conference room.  I never did like the thing, but put up with it all these years.  There was a matching glass light fixture in the foyer which has been replaced by this:
I've looked at a lot of light fixtures over the years and there were a lot of them that would be okay.  But when I walked in the lighting store and saw a sister fixture to the first picture, I loved the design.  It kind of looks like an Asian design, or maybe something from the 50's.  It looks very contemporary and at the same time like something from the past.  It looks like a smile.

What do I like about this design?
  • It matches the style of this house
  • It has really clean lines
  • It will be easy to redecorate around for a long time without looking like a signature fixture from the 80's, 90's, 00's or 10's.
There's a matching pendant that goes over the stairs.  I had to coordinate with a different line from the same manufacturer for the ceiling lights in the hallways.

So we are back to "color me happy".   

BTW...It wasn't the glass from the old chandelier that cut me.  We have all the pieces to that chandelier plus at least one back up glass thingy....just in case anyone is interested (We'll give it to you cheap free and throw in the foyer light.)

Was going to title this post "You light up my life...", but decided to spare you the ear worm.  (Yes, I have an evil streak. But no worse that google's evil streak which had new floor lamp advertisements every time I opened my email after I posted about the accident on Saturday. )