Monday, March 12, 2012


Yesterday was beautiful here in southeast Michigan.  The sun was shining, the wind was just a breeze, and the temperatures climbed toward 60 F.   The red winged blackbirds arrived at the feeder, and the tulips nosed their way out of the ground:
Today is kind of like this view from the fell line:
Grey and monochromatic.

Wednesday the painters arrive and this will all be gone:
By the is an insult to say "We used to have that wallpaper....."  while it is still on my walls.
I've been hearing that for the last 10-12 years.  So, stop it.

When the painter came through to give his bid he said, "Don't worry, just move the small stuff and we'll take care of the rest."

Today I moved small stuff.  The joke is on me.  It is all small stuff.  I've moved books, china, flatware, linens, all of my weaving paraphenalia, most of my spinning wheels and  paraphenalia, and all of the pictures on the walls.  Most of it went either up or down one flight of stairs.  It was a good decision to fore-go my cardio workout this AM, because I got plenty of cardio with this endeavor.

Tomorrow I climb the ladder and take down the drapes and we need to move the grandfather clock...not small, but fragile.  I may yet have the last laugh, because the painters will have to move the 250+ pound Macomber loom.  (Don't worry, it's all folded up and secure.)

In case you are wondering, those flowery dining room (aka weaving studio) walls will soon be "Table Linen".  The dark green living room walls will be "Tide Pools" or possibly "Valley Mist" (all are Behr colors if you want to look them up).

In the process of all this, I tossed a few things: The top from my wedding cake and some bridesmaids gifts the marriages from which are long dissolved.  There are also some crystal geegaws that will go to the church rummage sale next month.  

I talked to my SIL last week.  My MIL passed away 11 months ago.  Last week the SIL's went through "cards".  She was telling me all about going through "cards" and I clearly was not following her.  So I said, "What kind of cards are we talking about?"  Turns out that my MIL, married almost 62 years, never threw out a Christmas card, birthday card, anniversary card...or greeting card of any kind.  I was dumb struck.  Not only by the fact that she kept all of those cards (where?!...never mind, it explains some things)...but the daughters sat for a week and went through them (and kept some!)  

Now I feel almost as guilty for having sent cards as I did when I would occasionally forget to send a card in the past!

When I'm gone, there will be plenty of weaving and knitting books to go through....and there will probably still be quite a stash of yarns and fleece.  But I guarantee you, there will not be cards.....or geegaws.


  1. Oh how wonderful and such pretty colors. You lucky dog for getting to have someone come in and remove wallpaper and paint. I am extremely envious!
    Beautiful weaving, even if it is monochromatic. Your weatehr is mimicing ours, lovely sunny warm weekend and today, blustery and 8-16 inches of snow predicted.
    We'll see if THAT happens.

  2. There will be stuff for our family to sift through, though we're not adding anymore stuff to this house. I haven't bought a painting in several years now. We just finished the trust to protect our things for our seven combined household children. They're just going to have to deal with my studio - it's not in the trust. Their problem, and yes, the looms are on the second floor and heavy.

  3. When I read this: "...and some bridesmaids gifts the marriages from which are long dissolved", I laughed, and then felt really depressed.

    I have reached the age (38 - we've been married nearly 15 years) when my friends, whose weddings I attended, are getting divorces. It's a little weird.

  4. Oh dear,....I still like the old wallpaper..what does that say about me? worse, my mother kept all of her cards too. And I brought the entire collection to my starts with her wedding cards.

    From time to time, I sort through them (my siblings think I have gone over the edge)...but the cards have really helped me with some gaps in the family tree...btw, she saved the envelopes too..providing addresses that I would never be able to find otherwise. There are a few choice stamps in the bunch as well. The real treasure is the collection of love letters from my father, when he was in the army...and again when he was away on business finding a house for our family. priceless treasures.


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