Saturday, March 31, 2012

Later that same day...

Color me....
  • Foolish:  for not throwing out that lamp a long time ago.
  • Careless:  for trying to move it the way that I did.
  • Wounded:  just got back from the emergency room with 5 new stitches.
  • Fortunate:  that the thumb extensor tendons, though exposed were not cut. 
P.S.  It appears that the blood stains did indeed lift right out of the new carpet.  (Can you believe it....blood stains and the carpet wasn't even installed for 18 hours?!)


  1. vickie7:00 AM

    oh val, so sorry !!! i thought we had grown out of our clumsiness after all these years but i guess not!! take care

    1. Actually, I think I'm growing back into it!

  2. OMG, Valerie! Ouch!! I don't know of any house remodeling/redecorating project that doesn't have a boo-boo or two, but stitches are a bit extreme.
    I almost always limit myself to a good hammer blow on one of my fingers.
    Glad it was a simple stitch job and no long rehab for that thumb, but that was a close call huh? You take care. Look out for old cranky lamps. Why not just sit in that comfy cord chair and enjoy the new view for a bit. ;)

  3. Oy! Ouch, hope the recovery is quick...!

  4. Sorry for your mishap! But very fortunate indeed about the thumb tendons...

  5. Yeow! Hope you heal fast - at least cuts are pretty quick!

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    *OUCH* Val! Now: You need to heal *quickly* so you're ready to tie some warp on a loom the absolute minute the chaos has calmed down!

    Sending healing prayers your way!


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