Friday, March 30, 2012

Down Home....

Remember? That's the color name of the carpet I chose.
Here's what it looks like against the living room furniture.
Yesterday ds asked what color I ordered, I told him it was the color of dust...
I thought I was joking, but (ahem) not really...does it look like dust to you?

They are installing carpet as I type.  It's been a long, dreary day of cool rains and thunder, noise, dust and mess.  The carpet installers have been here all day.  It's 4:30 PM and they still have the master bedroom and the stairs to do.  I may well include them in tonight's pizza order.  

The lighting fixtures came in yesterday.  I picked them up, but haven't unloaded them from the vehicle yet.  The place is in such disarray, that it didn't make sense to bring breakables into the house to stack in a corner.

Yep, I sound kind of down this afternoon.  I was so excited about finally getting new carpet that I only slept about three hours last night.  Also, my allergies and carpet removal are not the best combination for great health on a wet spring day.

As mentioned above, every single room in this house is a shambles.  We'll spend the weekend putting things back in order.  It will be exhausting and it will feel so good to have everything clean and spiffy all at one time.  I suspect the disorder around here is what led me to put Things Organized Neatly on my feed reader.  I've been hanging out there a lot, it reminds me that I could be a lot more obsessive than I am :^). 

Meanwhile, since I've been longing to sit at a loom for the past couple of weeks, it made me smile when I checked the carpet before they began the installation:
 Do you suppose there really is such a person or is it a cosmic joke just for me?


  1. Well don't you have pretty colored dust!!! Our dust looks quite red and murky. The carpet is beautiful, why wouldn't it be, it as inspected by A. Weaver, certainly the universes cosmic forces at work.

  2. Oh that is really funny!!

    And now I'm off to check your least I can think about getting organized! Not that it will ever happen, good intentions and all that...


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