Saturday, March 31, 2012

Later that same day...

Color me....
  • Foolish:  for not throwing out that lamp a long time ago.
  • Careless:  for trying to move it the way that I did.
  • Wounded:  just got back from the emergency room with 5 new stitches.
  • Fortunate:  that the thumb extensor tendons, though exposed were not cut. 
P.S.  It appears that the blood stains did indeed lift right out of the new carpet.  (Can you believe it....blood stains and the carpet wasn't even installed for 18 hours?!)

Color me....


They finished up with the carpet at 9 PM yesterday after starting at 10:00 AM and taking only a 20 minute break at lunch.  Hard work.

Now we begin the great scavenger hunt......"Now where did I put.........?"

That will probably go on for weeks.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Down Home....

Remember? That's the color name of the carpet I chose.
Here's what it looks like against the living room furniture.
Yesterday ds asked what color I ordered, I told him it was the color of dust...
I thought I was joking, but (ahem) not really...does it look like dust to you?

They are installing carpet as I type.  It's been a long, dreary day of cool rains and thunder, noise, dust and mess.  The carpet installers have been here all day.  It's 4:30 PM and they still have the master bedroom and the stairs to do.  I may well include them in tonight's pizza order.  

The lighting fixtures came in yesterday.  I picked them up, but haven't unloaded them from the vehicle yet.  The place is in such disarray, that it didn't make sense to bring breakables into the house to stack in a corner.

Yep, I sound kind of down this afternoon.  I was so excited about finally getting new carpet that I only slept about three hours last night.  Also, my allergies and carpet removal are not the best combination for great health on a wet spring day.

As mentioned above, every single room in this house is a shambles.  We'll spend the weekend putting things back in order.  It will be exhausting and it will feel so good to have everything clean and spiffy all at one time.  I suspect the disorder around here is what led me to put Things Organized Neatly on my feed reader.  I've been hanging out there a lot, it reminds me that I could be a lot more obsessive than I am :^). 

Meanwhile, since I've been longing to sit at a loom for the past couple of weeks, it made me smile when I checked the carpet before they began the installation:
 Do you suppose there really is such a person or is it a cosmic joke just for me?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten for Tuesday

How about a little spring prelude in "P's"?

1. Pansies on the porch: 

2. Protection for the sedum that the deer have been munching.

3. Peonies.

 4. Purple vinca.

5. Promise.

6. Pulling weeds.

 7. Planting more pansies.

8. Pretty Forsythia.

9. Pollen on the cherry tree.

10. Peeps for a treat!

Now that I'm done with the day's garden work, it's back to cleaning out and packing up for the carpet installation on Friday.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Follow up....

For those of you who liked the St. Peter story in the previous post:  We went to order the carpet this evening and I asked the guy, "who buys carpet named Pearly Gates?"

Without missing a beat he replied, "funeral homes."  He then went on to tell us a funny story about measuring for carpet in a funeral home after hours.

I think I'm going to be happy with just plain "Down Home."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Progress Report and Other Fodder

It's been said that if we couldn't talk about the weather, 90 percent of us would have nothing to say.  These days the weather in Michigan is giving us plenty to talk about as we head into our 7th day of 70 degree F temperatures in the middle of March.  We're not talking about "flirting" with the 70's from the 60's here, we are talking about the 70's heading into the 80's this afternoon.  Anomalous is the best word to describe the past week.

On the first day of warm temperatures the grocery store was filled with pasty mid-westerners who gleefully shed their winter layers for shorts and sandals.  As the warm weather has continued we remember that this is Michigan in March, and though we are still clad scantily we are all walking around with our heads ducked and shoulders elevated ready to ward off the blows that are sure to come from a capricious Mother Nature.  After all, we have had 6 inches of snow in April, March is notorious for ice storms, and T.S. Eliot has told us that "April is the cruelest month....".

Nevertheless, here are some photo's taken on this first windless (another anomaly) day of spring.
A swirl of hepatica.
 Daffs in the woods.

And some tiny wood violets for Wanda, who has a new tiny violet of her own.  (Go see hers, I'll wait.)

The decorating continues indoors, requiring plenty of thought and lots of money.  When I step back and consider what we are doing, it seems that we are spending like a couple of drunk sailors on shore leave.  The justification is that we moved into this house 22 years ago on April 10.  Time for a fresh look.
The painting is finished:
The living room walls are Valley Mist, which doesn't look much like this valley mist photo taken yesterday morning.

The carpet man was here yesterday to measure and left the color samples for us to consider.  The color name of the sample I liked first is "Pearly Gates".  I've since decided against that color, imagining that one day I might run up the stairs (as much as  I "run" up stairs these days) carpeted with "Pearly Gates" to find St. Peter at the landing.  Right now the current favorite is a slightly darker neutral called "Down Home".  A much more comforting name that will show less dirt and cat hair.

Really....who comes up with the names for these colors?!

I've picked out light fixtures which carry the name of "Anvil Iron"....which is the most accurately descriptive name of anything we've picked so far.
The fabric samples for the window treatments are on back order....which does not bode well for speedy delivery of window treatments.  Perhaps this is the way of the universe putting the brakes on the spending binge.

Tomorrow we meet again with the carpet man to learn what the $ damages will be and submit our order for "Down Home".  We are carpeting two additional rooms to those that were painted, plus the master walk-in closet.  While we are at it (the 5 most expensive words in remodeling or decorating) we would also like to have the carpet in my sewing room(s) restretched.  As the carpet man was taking measurements in these areas he said to me, "Don't worry, our guys will move the furniture.  You just have to move the small stuff."
Groan....where have I heard that before (click on the link if you don't know).  Those of you who have sewing rooms know......It is all small stuff, and a LOT of it, not to mention the walk-in closet.  Add to that the fact that we have run out of spaces to put the small stuff while the carpeting is being installed.

Clearly I have wasted my time doing Sudoku puzzles.  I should have been working on 3-D puzzles instead.

And that, dear reader, is the progress to date.  Happy First Day of Spring to all of you on the northern hemisphere!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Morning Progress Report

The walls this morning:
(Look Ma, no print!)

You can use that photo to stand in for both photo's in the previous post.  Because they look the same today.

Of course it's times like these:
 that cause one to have a weaving "jones".

The antidote is a walk outside to check on progress there:

Spring is on its way!
Nature is doing her work:
(Quick, hide from the robin!)
And just like the progress indoors, there is promise of good things to come:

By the way...since Picnik is closing, does anyone else have suggestions for free places to build header photos?

Monday, March 12, 2012


Yesterday was beautiful here in southeast Michigan.  The sun was shining, the wind was just a breeze, and the temperatures climbed toward 60 F.   The red winged blackbirds arrived at the feeder, and the tulips nosed their way out of the ground:
Today is kind of like this view from the fell line:
Grey and monochromatic.

Wednesday the painters arrive and this will all be gone:
By the is an insult to say "We used to have that wallpaper....."  while it is still on my walls.
I've been hearing that for the last 10-12 years.  So, stop it.

When the painter came through to give his bid he said, "Don't worry, just move the small stuff and we'll take care of the rest."

Today I moved small stuff.  The joke is on me.  It is all small stuff.  I've moved books, china, flatware, linens, all of my weaving paraphenalia, most of my spinning wheels and  paraphenalia, and all of the pictures on the walls.  Most of it went either up or down one flight of stairs.  It was a good decision to fore-go my cardio workout this AM, because I got plenty of cardio with this endeavor.

Tomorrow I climb the ladder and take down the drapes and we need to move the grandfather clock...not small, but fragile.  I may yet have the last laugh, because the painters will have to move the 250+ pound Macomber loom.  (Don't worry, it's all folded up and secure.)

In case you are wondering, those flowery dining room (aka weaving studio) walls will soon be "Table Linen".  The dark green living room walls will be "Tide Pools" or possibly "Valley Mist" (all are Behr colors if you want to look them up).

In the process of all this, I tossed a few things: The top from my wedding cake and some bridesmaids gifts the marriages from which are long dissolved.  There are also some crystal geegaws that will go to the church rummage sale next month.  

I talked to my SIL last week.  My MIL passed away 11 months ago.  Last week the SIL's went through "cards".  She was telling me all about going through "cards" and I clearly was not following her.  So I said, "What kind of cards are we talking about?"  Turns out that my MIL, married almost 62 years, never threw out a Christmas card, birthday card, anniversary card...or greeting card of any kind.  I was dumb struck.  Not only by the fact that she kept all of those cards (where?!...never mind, it explains some things)...but the daughters sat for a week and went through them (and kept some!)  

Now I feel almost as guilty for having sent cards as I did when I would occasionally forget to send a card in the past!

When I'm gone, there will be plenty of weaving and knitting books to go through....and there will probably still be quite a stash of yarns and fleece.  But I guarantee you, there will not be cards.....or geegaws.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The only other response I have to this is:
Why did this take so long?