Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Pure Michigan....

Today is Paczki day, which is newsworthy in Detroit.  I never heard of paczki's until I moved here 35 years ago.  If you don't know how to pronounce it, there's a pronunciation audio at the last link.  Around here it also called Fat Tuesday.
When I lived in Pittsburgh today was known as Shrove Tuesday and pancakes were the order of the day.  And of course in other places, especially New Orleans, today is the culmination of Mardi Gras (which is Fat Tuesday in French).  Interesting how different places/cultures interpret and express the meaning of the day.  Is it something different where you are?

Odd the things to contemplate while licking the remainder of jelly doughnut from your fingers.

Anyway, dh and I took a little jaunt up north in search of winter:
We found a little bit of winter in Charlevoix.  Just enough for the snow plows to clear the hotel parking lot on Saturday morning.  This area along Lake Michigan is usually heaped up in snow at this time of year.  Not this year.

However it does appear that we brought a little bit of winter back with us.  This morning:
 The birds are not amused.

The Cardinal appears to be waiting for the woodpecker to finish.

Oh well.  Maybe the shoveling will help me work off that last jelly doughnut before Lent begins.


  1. Growing up Methodist, we didn't really celebrate fat tues., but kinda sorta observed Lent.

    I'm wondering if I should review that - there are a lot of things that I could try out for 40 days, and maybe make some needed changes in my life...

    Love the snow pictures. We haven't had anymore than an inch, and mostly just dustings, which melt in a couple of hours. Makes me worry about what this summer will bring...

    Now, I think I need a boston cream doughnut...

  2. A rose by any other name......
    Pittsburgh, like Boston must have had a strong Catholic community. I haven't heard Fat Tuesday referred to as Shrove Tuesday since I was a kid. Repent ye sinners repent for on comes Lent! ;)
    Jelly donuts certainly sound carnival worthy.

  3. I was wondering where winter was hiding ! Haven't seen it here for months! (not complaining either!)

  4. lovely colors in the woods:black and white, gold and red. It's as if the birds collected themselves for just the perfect accent!

    I have never seen a cardinal IRL. Someday I'd like to.

  5. We spent it in our lawyers office, signing the papers for our trust. I'm not a gambler and didn't want to leave our kids in the lurch, but the likelihood is that we'll live so long we will have spent their inheritance. Ditto winter here.

  6. Maybe the woodpecker is the exterminator and he's getting all the bugs out of Mr. Cardinal's house, lol :)


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