Monday, January 02, 2012

Start as you mean to go on....

Like many people, I ended the old year and began the new one by tying one on:
(A narrow warp of 20/2's rayon sett at 40 epi in a two tie unit weave.
These are for award ribbons for an upcoming fiber show.)

But as many people find in the process if "tying one on", the room began to spin:
 (In this case the spinning fiber is Persian cashmere top, 25 gr. of which has been hanging around in my stash for too long.)

Alas, the revelry can continue for only so long, then one must cross the bridge into the New Year:
 Happy New Year!!  
And may all your warps be golden.
 Onward in 2012!


  1. trish at tangled threads11:00 PM

    What a happy post! Cheers to you, Valerie.

  2. The piece you're working on for the show is gorgeous! Love the post ;)

  3. Happy New Year Val... hope you have a great 2012 - looks like you're off to a great start!

  4. Beautiful! And inspiring.


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