Monday, January 16, 2012

Progress Report...

First it was going to be a Christmas present.  Then it was ripped out twice, first time because it was way too big.  The second time because I couldn't make the red/black  pieces fit within the gray/black pieces.  Finally, it is knitted and seamed together:
Ds's birthday was last Thursday so it became a birthday present.....a late birthday present.  I still want to do a double I-cord border, red then black.  Then I will call it finished and hand it over to ds.  The pattern used is here.  I wouldn't recommend doing it striped like this one, unless you are a masochist and it's not important that the piece be reversible.

Next on the progress list are the award ribbons.  Here's the pattern I'm using for the honorable mentions:
 Sorry about the shadows on the above two photo's.  It's a dark, dreary day in Michigan.

And here is the pattern for best of show ribbons:
The dimples on the lower end of the sample were where I had mounted the sample with a straight pin.

And below is a sample that I decided didn't fit into the scheme of award ribbons:
The weft is a hand dyed silk chainette yarn. It feels pretty cool...but the look leaves a bit to be desired.

There is some spinning too, but I'll save that for another post.


  1. Ohh..that knitting looks beautiful though, certainly worthy of all that work.
    I think the ribbons are great looking and I'm sure will be treasured by whomever wins them!

  2. Amazing hand work going on here!

    Your pieces always have such wonderful visual interest, my eyes enjoy lOOking and lOOking ;-)

    And the mention of spinning catches my interest as well...but the word verification says "jus bi"...which I read to be "just be". So I will wait.


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