Sunday, January 08, 2012

Over the moon!!

If you follow Wanda Jenkins' blog, you know that she had a drawing for some of the wonderful fiber tools that Ed creates at Jenkins Woodworking as a way to celebrate her birthday on Dec. 26.  Well, my name was drawn for the bonus Aegean spindle which Ed generously added because of the popularity of that drawing.  Here it is:
It is beautiful, made of Big Leaf Maple, weighing in at 18 gr. and she spins like a perpetual motion machine!  Add to that the silver merino tencel top that Wanda packed along with the know, just to get the spindle broken in...I am over the moon!  I'm not sure how one "dye's" silver top, you would have to contact Abstract Fiber to learn that.  But its appearance is really silvery metallic, not just gray.

This is my second Jenkins Turkish spindle.  Here the Aegean is with her sister, Turkish Delight in red heartwood:
The red heart spindle on the left is 25 gr. You can see that the arms on the red heart spindle have a little bit more mass, and a different distribution of mass.  If you look in the picture below, you can also see that the arms rest in different places on the spindle.
These differences in configuration, along with the 7 gr. weight difference really feel different in creating the yarn.  Both are amazing spindles, but you have to spin with them to understand what I'm trying to say.  Let's say the Turkish Delight is like driving a Mustang V8, and the Aegean is like driving a Porsche Carrera GT.

I've been using my Turkish Delight (despite her current nakedness!) to spin fine merino yarns that I plan to use as warp when plied as two ply.  When I flick the Aegean, I'm envisioning a fine two ply yarn for knitting lace.  Something close to gossamer weight that will hold the eyelets open in a lace pattern.  
I am totally delighted!  Thank you, Wanda and Ed!!

The cold virus is still with me, though somewhat less so.  I'm still working on weaving the award ribbons.  Third place in green is shown below:

More on that later.  
Be well!


  1. Congratulations Valerie! I know it will spin to it's best in your expert hands. What a beauty!
    You'd never know you were feeling poorly by the lovely weaving going on. Feel better soon.

  2. The day we got home, Baby Gus's cold hit me and I've been "enjoying" these past few days. My sympathies are with you.

    My Aegean is a major spinner but I'd never thought about using the yarn to weave with. Thanks for the suggestion I'm going to do just that.

  3. Love the car comparisons! Spot on.
    (Why do I only think in terms of horses?)

    You might find it quicker to wind on with an over 2, under 1 wrap until you have a bit of yarn in place then use my favorite Aegean wrap - sort of a basket wrap. I find it a faster way to wrap on. A picture's worth a 1000 words so here a link to a video I made. (hope it comes through intact!)

  4. Lovely spindles and weaving - such bright spots!

    I loved fiberjoy's remark about thinking in horses. Me too.

    Hope by now you are over the cold.

  5. Congratulations on the win! What a treasure. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you've recovered. And belated Happy Birthday! Oh, and before I forget, I love your new blog look. Is that a commentary on how rarely I visit? :o

  6. Beautiful spindles!! Congratulations!!

    Gorgeous ribbon..such even selvedges and interesting a maze!


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