Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's the end of the warp as we know it...

(with apologies to REM)
That's as close to the end of the warp as I can get.  Therefore, the award ribbon warp is done!  I still have to cut off, wash, press, and trim the fringe....but the weaving is done.

And the afghan is done too:
I was going to do another I-cord border in black around the outside edge, but I don't think it will add anything to the finished piece and may even increase that slight tendency to curl at the corners.  So, I'm calling it done.


  1. And do you feel fine? :) Okay, that's sure to be an earworm today.
    Yeah on the warp being done and the afghan too. What projects have you been plotting and planning while they were in progress?

  2. Oh my, that's truly what's called cutting it close. I miss that by a couple of inches, and that's when inches matter.

  3. Two FO's in one day! Woot!

    Those corners don't look like they are curling from here..and I like it with the single border (less is more)

    ...oh...and thanks for that earworm!

  4. Amazing - I love the photos - especially of the loom.

    Do you have that "now what?" feeling?


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