Thursday, January 19, 2012

High Roller...

Just finished a new pair of slippers, just in time for our first real cold snap:
The pattern is Duffers.  The yarn is Brown Sheep Lambspride from the stash.  The buttons are cute:
And the bottoms are also dicey:
I thought the dice buttons were particularly appropriate because felting to size can be a roll of the dice.  But these came out just fine after going through the wash cycle with a load of jeans and part of a dryer cycle.

I'm still doing the applied I-cord borders on the afghan (I'm kind of sick of knitting with black yarn).  And after repairing 3 broken warp threads today, I'm still weaving the award ribbons.  Would like to get those finished so I can try to weave something to submit to the show and have a chance at winning one of those ribbons.  

You know, it seems like 2012, might be rather productive. 


  1. I love the buttons! What did you use on the bottom? Leather?

    Still waiting for the rest of the yarn order to show up so I can start weaving again!!

    I think 2012 will be very productive!!

  2. Pretty darn cute slippers! Who wouldn't love those dice buttons?
    You have been busy and I know what you mean about knitting with black, or dark blue for that matter. Kind of boring and tiring on the eyes.
    So far 2012 has been productive here too!

  3. I like the slippers. They tuned out so cute. I have a pattern that I am going to do one of these days! I also do not like knitting with black. hard to see the stitches, especially at night. I have clear knitting needles now that I use for dark colors. Sorry to hear about the warp thread breaks. Nothing more frustrating. I'm weaving an Alpaca shawl right now. Take care,


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