Friday, January 06, 2012


After the previous post I came down with a cold....a nasty, nasty virus.  This is one "start that I do not mean to go on" in the coming year!

The whites of my eyes and the end of my nose look something like this:
Well, not the gold part, but the red spidery lines. 

These are the second place ribbons for the show.  The previous ones were for first place....the weft in those photos is orient blue, even though it looks black in the photo.

The next weft will be green for third place ribbons.  And I will probably switch the tie up to do just a straight plaited twill.  I haven't yet decided what weft and weave structure to use for the best of show ribbon.

The threading of this warp is an 8 harness double two tie unit weave which is pretty fascinating and versatile.  I put enough warp on the loom to allow me to weave some samples as Summer & Winter, Lace, and whatever other structures can be squeezed out of the threading.  That means I'll be under the loom changing tie-ups a few times.
Here's the long view.  I love weaving stuff like this.  Yet both my son and husband look over my shoulder and say "doesn't that hurt your eyes?" doesn't.  Just don't sit me down in front of a video game that simulates driving...that makes me sick.  But static lines that move...I love 'em!

Oh...and here's one of my birthday presents that some of you might be interested in:
It's a support spindle bowl from Heidi's Pottery, with a cute little dimple in the bottom for the spindle to settle into:
  see the dimple?
I love it, the spindle spins forever in it.  And I'm happy the ds looked around on Etsy for the just the right gift.

And that is all of the steam I have for now.  Back to crashing on the couch.


  1. I love that woven pattern! I'm sorry if you've already said this, but where did the draft come from?

  2. Get better soon! Beautiful bowl.


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