Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Success and failure....

I love this fabric!!  This sample is off the loom, washed, pressed and making me happy that there is more on the loom to be woven.  The warp is the yarn in the last photo of this post.  The warp yarn was spun worsted from 4 oz. of 75% BFL/25% silk top dyed by Black Bunny Fibers, purchased from The Spinning Loft.  The two ply yarn was about 26 wpi., so I decided on a sett of about 18 epi for a plain weave fabric.
The weft is a commercial 2 ply raw silk in a dark teal.  It was a mill end, so once it's gone there is no more.

It is the first time I've used handspun yarn in a warp, but it certainly won't be the last.  I took the unwashed bobbin of yarn to the warping board and wound all of it  into 4 different warp chains.  I shuffled the warp chains going onto the back beam so if there was variation in the yarns from the start to the end of the bobbin it wouldn't show as a progression across the warp.
The sample shrunk 10% in width and about 1% in length with wet finishing.  It would make a wonderful vest.

To refresh your memory, here are the warp chains:
I do love the way the color variations make a random vertical stripe in the cloth.  And the silk content gives it a little glow from within the fabric.  Color me happy.

And for the failure......
Remember the afghan in the last post?  Due to a failure to do the math at the outset of the project, I am starting over.  I checked the finished size by laying it all out at the half way point and the thing was HUGE.  Way too huge to be manageable as an afghan.  Since there is plenty of yarn here, I'm not ripping yet, just starting over.  Am not sure if this will be a Christmas present or birthday present for ds (his birthday is in it gives me some grace time.)

Parting I the only one that clicks when "Romney" shows up in my feed reader, expecting to find a sheep or some fleece, only to be disappointed to find a politician at the end of the click? 


  1. Lovely fabric! I've only used my handspun as weft (tussah rayon that I dyed) in a ceremonial shawl, but I think I should explore that option more... I have a ton of "one balls" that I could dye to coordinate them. Hmmmm...

    I laughed at your romney comment - I haven't gotten any of those, but I think I would be suckered in, too!

  2. That fabric looks the colors..would be a perfect vest!

    ..or bag...or couch pillow..etc.

    Maybe the fail will turn out to be a blessing in disguise ;-)

    re Romney...hee!

  3. Beautiful success. It will certainly be a wonderful vest.

    re: Romney, oh how disappointing THAT is.

  4. Oh, I never put Mitt with sheep, but that's an apt analogy.

    I've been asking around because I want to weave with handspun and almost to a person I'm hearing that it goes in the warp and commercial yarns go in the weft. If I do that, you can get bet I'll be using a dummy warp!

  5. I love weaving with my handspun. It is so interesting to look at as the warp winds forward.


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