Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finish or start...whatever...

This is ~ 2 oz. of freshly washed handspun quiviut that I finished plying last night:
It's about 250 yds. of two ply spun with a woolen draft from the batt.  While I was spinning it, I flipped back and forth in my plans.  Maybe it would be knit into a nice lace scarf, then again maybe it would be weft in a handwoven scarf.  I still don't know.  If I knit it, I will probably dye it, perhaps a blue over-dye.  If I weave with it then it should probably stay natural and be the weft on a warp made of handspun natural colored BFL/Silk (which has yet to be spun.).  Here they are together:
Whoops..that picture clinched it.  Woven it will be.  Must spin the BFL/silk!

Also this fresh off the warping board:
This is also a BFL/silk blend spun from hand dyed top from Black Bunny Fibers.  It is also a two ply, spun worsted at about 26 wpi.  The warp was wound right off the bobbin without wet finishing.  I'm not sure what the weft will be yet, but you can see there's still quite a bit of yarn on the bobbin, so it might be that.  This will also be (what else?) a scarf.

And so the plight of the handspinner.  Finishing a spinning project does not mean you are finished.  It means the start of something else....knitting, weaving....or whatever else one does to transform yarn into fabric.
I have my work cut out for me.  Hmmph, that's a sewing term.  (There's some sewing waiting in the wings around here too.  That will be another post....some day.)  
A fiberist's work is never done.

Wishing all you readers a peace filled day on Thursday, whether you are in a place which celebrates Thanksgiving or not.  Namaste!


  1. Beautiful stuff, all of it! I have some quivet yarn here and need to use it myself!
    Happy Thanksgiving right back at you!

  2. Glad you will weave..that quiviet is too gorgeous to overdye...it will be stunning with the BFL/silk!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I'm stunned at how much you're accomplishing! Each item is gorgeous.

    Funny how spinning does lead to unexpected projects. :)

  4. Beautiful!! If you want forest green, overdye your qiviut with Teal - it's gorgamous.

    I still haven't woven much with my handspun, other than using some as weft in a ceremonial shawl. I look forward to using some, now that I'm hooked back into weaving!!


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