Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And miles to go....

Here's Christmas gift I'm working on:
It's an afghan for ds's family room.  The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Garter Stitch Blanket (Ravelry link).  I have a lot more knitting to do in the black and gray.  Here's another view:
Because I'm using a worsted weight yarn, I increased the number of stitches to 48 for the garter strips.  Turns out that EZ named this appropriately.  It really will be more of a blanket than an afghan.  But I think it will look nice with his black leather furniture. And I'm hoping it will be cozy for reading, tv, and video gaming this winter.  

In addition to increasing the number of stitches, I've added an I-cord border.  That means I'll be doing miles of black I-cord once the two larger gray and black pieces are complete and the 4 pieces are sewn together.  Do you think I can make a Christmas deadline?

Also, the handspun warp is wound onto the back beam and ready for heddle threading:
So far, this handspun warp has gone more smoothly than I thought possible.  Just wound the warp straight from the plying bobbin.  Let's hope the threading, tie-on and weaving go as easily.  At this point I think it will just be woven in plain weave in order to show off the handspun.  Weft will be a 2 ply raw silk mill end in a peacock/teal sort of color.

Plenty of stuff for me to work on here.


  1. Oh man, is that a nifty afghan! I bet it will be warm and cozy. EZ patterns are so nice to use aren't they?
    Beautiful warp too. May the weaving gods be smiling as you make your magic with it.

  2. Wow! Very handsome afghan. He is going to love it and you know he appreciates hand knits.

  3. Your projects always have so much to keep my eyes moving around and around..so interesting!

    Love the new header!


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