Sunday, October 02, 2011


This week is the autumn church rummage sale.  I just finished the first pass through the closet and harvested a few items.  I tried a few other things on and with ambivalence, folded them and put them back on the shelf.  However it occurs to me that the only time I have worn most of those things in the past __ years was to try them on and take them off in favor of some other more favored garment. 

So here's the question, dear long do you hang onto such items before you are able to free them for someone else's use?

And in the spirit of the 60's (and no, none of those garments go all the way back to the 60's), I love Jerry Brown's message to the California State Senate here.  You can see the memo here.


  1. LOL, this is an easy one for me. If it is an article for everyday wear and it hasn't been worn in a year, and I like it, I put it in a bag for the next sweep. (So far, I've never looked for something in the limbo bag except to pirate buttons off ).If it isn't loved, it goes. If it is a dressier item and hasn't been touched in two years, it goes. If it doesn't fit who I am right now, it goes. If I've been saving it because I feel it's too precious to wear, I start wearing it and if I loved it to death, I make a pattern out of it.

  2. We try to live by the #3 rule...if you have not worn it at least 3 times in the last year, then out it goes...(but we are beginning to forget if we wore it or not, HA!)

    There is a trunk for very special items..saved for the better garments of special fabric or buttons or tailored is bursting now and must be sorted. Thanks for reminding me of another job to do...must finish washing windows first...

  3. I would say if I've gone a year without wearing a casual, 'daily' item, I donate it. The dressy stuff hangs around longer, because I just don't get the chance to wear them often, and I have quite a few.

    On the whole, I'm with Theresa.

  4. I'm with Theresa too.

    Tho, of course, the minute I cleaned out the dressy clothes we were swamped with funerals and parties. I would like to know who is keeping tabs on what I donate and how come I can't hear the laughter....

    Anyway, I have a bag of clothes in my closet and if that isn't opened by the next sweep (every 2 years, it seems), I send it on it's way without opening it. I can't stress the "do not open" enough.

  5. That's the very question I've been asking myself. I looked at three sun dresses this morning, and then hung them back up. They need to go, but somehow I'm not letting them. I like Theresa's limbo bag idea - need to try that out.


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