Friday, September 02, 2011

Walk with me....

These photo's were taken on my Monday walk.
The day was cool, clear, and calm:
It's very unusual to not have at least a breeze in Michigan.

The shadows are getting longer:
This was taken at 10:00 AM.  Love those greens and blues, but they are about to give way to reds and golds:

before hitting the ground:
Cottonwood leaf.

On Tuesday the kiddo's will be headed back to school and these guys will surely be lonely:

It's the season for ripening:
Black walnuts.
Wild grapes
Wild chicory:  still my favorite color.

These summer days have been glorious:

But I think they are almost over.

I think my new camera and I are going to get along just fine.  But the old one is still better for close up fiber photo's.

Have a safe, happy Labor Day holiday!!


  1. Beautiful walk! Thank you!

    The colors on your new camera are perfect.

    ....and I can smell those wild grapes from here ;-)

  2. Beautiful pictures, I don't think I've ever seen Chicory.
    Although I would love one or two of those great happy statues.
    Our dogwoods are starting to turn. A wonderful holiday weekend to you too!

    And because I am behind, your prayer shawl is wonderful.



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